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Goole teenager appointed country's youngest ever mayor

A 19-year-old Labour councillor from Goole has become the youngest mayor in the country.

Terence Smith tweeted about his 'pride' after being voted in for a 12-month term at the council's annual meeting on Thursday.

Cameron urges potential Ukip voters to 'come home'

David Cameron has urged potential Ukip voters to "come home" to the Conservatives on May 7.

The Prime Minister said the General Election was "not a time to send a message or make a protest" but to stop Ed Miliband and Labour forming a government.

David Cameron attended a BBQ on the campaign trail. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Cameron said: "I would say to those people that I totally understand the frustration people have felt about issues like immigration where they want more done, and we will do more.

"And I understand the frustration about Europe - where the country deserves a referendum - and with me as Prime Minister they'll get that referendum.

"But this election is not a time to send a message or make a protest. This election is about choosing the government of our country for the next five years, and the choice could not be starker between a Conservative government led by me, continuing with a plan that's working, and putting it all at risk."

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