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Ed Davey: 'The people have fallen out of love with Nick'

A senior Liberal Democrat admitted voters "have fallen out of love with Nick Clegg" because of the hard choices the party had to make to get the economy under control.

Energy secretary Ed Davey told Good Morning Britain he did not expect to see a repeat of the "Cleggmania" which had swept the 2010 election, but hoped voters would respect Nick Clegg for what he had achieved in government.

Ed Davey: Nick Clegg 'a really effective leader'

Nick Clegg has been "a really effective leader" and managed to deliver numerous Liberal Democrat policies while in government, hence winning "the support of the part", according to Ed Davey.

The energy secretary told Good Morning Britain Nick Clegg had "huge support" after he took millions of the low paid out of tax altogether.


Ed Davey calms 'World Cup blackout' fears

England fans watching a game in 2012. Credit: PA Images

Television screens will stay on and kettles will continue to boil despite a record power surge predicted in the extremely unlikely event England win the football World Cup this summer, Energy Minister Ed Davey has said.

The Energy Secretary says he has been assured by National Grid that the UK has enough electricity generating capacity to meet what might be the highest domestic energy surge ever if the England team made it to the final of the football World Cup in Brazil.

Energy Secretary: Climate report a 'stark warning'

Today's UN report on climate change is a "stark warning" about the need to reduce carbon emissions, Energy Secretary Ed Davey has told Sky News' Murnaghan programme.

The Liberal Democrat MP also said the decreasing cost of renewable energy meant decarbonising need not be overly expensive.

I agree we should be doing absolutely everything. This is a stark warning that the world is looking down the precipice if we don’t take action now. But it also says - and some good news - is that the cost of renewables, things like solar and wind, are coming down, so we can go green in an affordable way.

MSP: Independence would 'cut energy bills by £70'

An independent Scotland would be able to deliver a £70 cut in energy bills, and maintain the UK's energy supply.

Scottish Energy Minister Fergus Ewing explained:

Scotland's huge natural resources mean that we can supply electricity - reliably and affordably - and can help the UK keep the lights on and the bills down.

Scotland exports electricity to England and Wales every year - in 2012 a quarter of the electricity generated here helped keep lights on across the rest of the UK.

With the powers of independence we will deliver a permanent, ongoing annual cut in energy bills of £70 - by removing the Energy Company Obligation and the Warm Homes Discount from consumer bills.

– Fergus Ewing


Independence forces investors to 'hold on to their cash'

The referendum on Scottish independence risks scaring away investors who will want to "hold on to their cash" until the UK is more settled, the Energy Secretary will warn.

The energy sector in Scotland is booming and growing, with more and more jobs and attracting more investment.

I fear the economic and energy progress will be seriously affected by the uncertainty and disruption of independence, as investors will hold on to their cash rather than risk it.

– Energy Secretary Ed Davey

'Disruption' of independence damaging energy sector

The "uncertainty and disruption" caused by the looming referendum on Scottish independence will have a detrimental effect on progress in the economy and energy sector, a cabinet minister will warn.

Ed Davey will warn against the economic uncertainty caused by an independent Scotland. Credit: PA

Energy Secretary Ed Davey is expected to issue the warning later today as he launches the Government's latest Scotland Analysis paper in Edinburgh, focusing on gas and electricity.

The paper looks in detail at how the United Kingdom can maximise energy investment to support thousands of jobs and keep bills as low as possible.

The UK Government said its analysis shows that people in an independent Scotland would have to pay £3,800 per person to match the £20 billion the UK Government has committed towards decommissioning in the North Sea.

Ed Davey whips out inhaler during energy questions

Ed Davey showed MPs he was among those suffering the effects of "very high" air pollution levels during Energy Secretary's Questions today.

The Energy Secretary whipped out his blue inhaler following a question on pollution, saying, "I'm sorry he is suffering, I can show him that I am suffering too".

He went on to say, "Air pollution is a very serious issue ... we take it very seriously."

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