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Ed Miliband: 'Free movement of workers in UK has to change'

Free movement of workers in the UK can't continue in its current state, according to Ed Miliband

The former Labour leader insisted that limits on the free movement of workers must be included in a single market Brexit deal with Brussels.

Asked whether the UK could carry on with its current approach to free movement, Miliband told Peston on Sunday he didn't believe so.

"If you are asking me should we carry on with free movement as was, I don't think we should", he said.

"I do think in the Brexit negotiations we have got to look for change in terms of free movement.

"One of the things from the referendum is that free movement cannot carry on exactly as it did before".

Hillsborough chair: Miliband's apology comes 'a bit late'

Margaret Aspinall says Ed Miliband's apology comes "a bit late". Credit: Reuters

Margaret Aspinall, chair of the Hillsborough Family Support Group, said Ed Miliband's action of posing with The Sun was a "stupid thing to do".

Miliband apologised after being criticised for failing to take account of continuing fury over the tabloid's coverage of the Hillsborough disaster.

But his apology comes "a bit late", she added.

Mrs Aspinall, attending the inquest into the death of her son James at the Hillsborough inquests in Warrington, said: "Common sense should have prevailed.

"I can't understand the insensitivity of what they have done, they didn't show any common sense.

"They know the families have got enough to get through right now, they know the feelings of the people, not just in Liverpool, it has spread everywhere.

"At this moment in time, it was a stupid thing to do. You have got to think about all the people it affected."


Labour: 'Britain needs properly managed migration'

The shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper has said reform is needed to ensure that Britain has "properly managed migration.

During a speech at the Institute for Public Policy Research, Mrs Cooper denied that for Labour to discuss immigration "is a move to the right"

Instead she insisted that a "serious debate" is needed to ensure that it is "properly controlled".

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper acknowledged that Labour made some mistake on immigration when they were in government. Credit: PA/PA Wire/Press Association Images

"As Ed Miliband has said a One Nation immigration policy needs to work for all. That means an honest and open debate. It means admitting where we got things wrong and changing.

"It is because immigration is so important for Britain’s future that we need a fair, controlled system that people can support", she concluded.

Yvette Cooper: The pace of immigration 'was too fast'

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper will deliver a speech today on immigration controls.

Speaking to Daybreak she admitted that the pace of migration under the last Labour Government was "too fast."

She said immigration has "got to be controlled."

Speaking about the issues of mass immigration from eastern Europe, Ms Cooper said, we must "deal with some of the exploitation of migrant workers who have come to this country and ended up not being paid the minimum wage."

Immigration is 'an issue we've got to look at'

Alp Mehmet from Migration Watch has told Daybreak that immigration is "an issue that we've got to look at."

The Labour party has vowed to reposition itself on immigration laws, with Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper promising stronger checks on visas and "faster, stronger" immigration enforcement.

Mr Mehmet said immigration has an impact on schooling, housing and transport.

He added "I'm glad that the Labour party is now saying we've got to lower it."

Yvette Cooper: The immigration system 'isn't working'

The Labour party will continue to reposition itself on immigration today as Yvette Cooper delivers a speech on short-term visas.

"The system isn't working at the moment and it has got significantly worse since the election," Ms Cooper will say.

Ms Cooper is expected to say: "The system isn't working" Credit: David Jones/PA Archive

The Shadow Home Secretary will mention halving the number of people refused entry, backlogs in finding failed asylum seekers, and a drop in deportations of illegal immigrants.

She will highlight the reduced numbers of foreign prisoners currently being removed, as proof the Tory government is failing to tackle the problem.


Labour: 'Faster, stronger' immigration enforcement

Yvette Cooper, the Shadow Home Secretary will continue Labour's talks on immigration today, as she calls to end the loopholes with student short-term visas.

According to Ms Cooper, the number of such visas has gone up by 30,000 a year since the election, and no checks are being made on whether students study or overstay.

  • Stronger checks on shorter-term student visitor visas
  • "Faster, stronger enforcement" when illegal immigrants are found
  • Unannounced border agency inspections, carried out by officers with arrest powers, for employers and colleges and exit checks at borders
  • More prosecutions and higher fines for paying less than the minimum wage
  • Measures to tackle "gangmasters" employing illegal migrants in the social care, hospitality and construction industries
  • A ban on housing workers in over-crowded accommodation

Tory promises on net migration 'not what they seem'

As Labour continues to reposition itself on immigration, Yvette Cooper will insist that the impact of immigration must be properly managed, so it is "fair for all".

In a speech today, Ms Cooper will claim Conservative promises to reduce net migration to tens of thousands by the election, is "not what it seems".

According to the Shadow Home Secretary:

  • A reduction in net migration of 72,000 is made up of a 27,000 increase in emigration, in addition with a 20,000 drop in the number of Britons returning to the UK. At the same time, student immigration has dropped by 38,000, at a cost of £8 billion in investment a year

Yvette Cooper: 'Immigration needs public support'

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper will announce in a speech today, that Labour should have been "ready to talk about problems" on immigration, the last time the party was in power.

She is expected to say:

We will support the Government where it introduces sensible policies and we will point out where they are getting things wrong.

But we won't enter an arms race of rhetoric on immigration - and we hope the Prime Minister won't either.

That's not honest, or good for Britain.

It is because immigration needs public support that the impact must be properly managed so it is fair for all.

And yes, we need a serious debate about how to get that right.

Labour calls to end student visitor visa loopholes

Today Labour will call for an end to student visitor visa loopholes, as the party continues to reposition itself on immigration.

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper will say that short-term visas, which allow tens of thousands of people into the country, are being abused.

Yvette Cooper will say genuine international students are being blocked from studying in the UK Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

She will acknowledge that immigration must be properly managed so that it it "fair for all."

Last night party leader Ed Miliband admitted in a party political broadcast that Labour "got it wrong" on immigration, the last time they were in power.

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