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Corbyn faces disagreement from key ally over Chilcot

A key ally of Jeremy Corbyn has ruled out backing a motion declaring Tony Blair guilty of "contempt" over the Iraq War, a motion the Labour leader has said he would "probably" back.

Credit: PA

Emily Thornberry, who was promoted to shadow foreign secretary after Hilary Benn was sacked from the post before dozens of others resigned from the shadow cabinet, warned the move would turn Parliament into a "kangaroo court".

Speaking in a discussion on the findings of the Chilcot report in the Commons, she said: "In my view the question is whether or not the House was deliberately misled.

"And Chilcot has said that although the intelligence may have been flawed and although, therefore, the House was misled, he did not conclude that the House had been deliberately misled."


Lammy: Labour 'culturally adrift' from working people

The Labour party is "culturally adrift" from its traditional core voters, a former minister has warned in the wake of a row over alleged snobbery.

David Lammy (right) with Ed Miliband in 2010. Credit: Jeff Moore/Empics Entertainment

London mayoral hopeful David Lammy said politicians from "liberal, professional backgrounds" were finding it hard to identify with ordinary working people.

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, Lammy said a heavily-criticised tweet by then shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry was merely a symptom of the party's problems.

"The Labour Party feels culturally adrift, not just from large parts of Britain, but from its own traditional working class base," he wrote.

Large parts of the country feel that Labour not only disagrees with them, they think we disapprove of them too.

A sense of mutual disdain between the mainstream parties and working class England is driving voters away from politics, or towards so-called 'anti-politics' parties such as Ukip.

– David Lammy MP, writing in the Mail on Sunday

Miliband: Labour is still the party of working people

Ed Miliband has sought to diffuse the row over Emily Thornberry's 'white van tweet' by saying Labour remains "the party of working people".

He said he was "furious" when he learned of Ms Thornberry's posting an image of a house festooned with England flags and that it was right for her to resign.

Ed Miliband speaking in the House of Commons. Credit: PA Wire

Writing in the Daily Mirror, Mr Miliband said: "Respect is the basic rule of politics and there is nothing unusual or odd about having England flags in your window. That is why she was right to resign."

Miliband says flying England flags is not 'odd or unusual'

Labour leader Ed Miliband has rejected claims his party is anti-English after one of his shadow cabinet stood down for what her critics described as a "sneering" tweet on the Rochester campaign trail.

The owner of the house whose proud display of England flags had prompted Emily Thornberry's tweet arrived - by his white van - to place a St George's Cross at her London home as part of a tabloid publicity stunt.

But as ITV News Political Correspondent Carl Dinnen reports, he received support from Mr Miliband, who said: "There is nothing unusual or odd about having England flags in your window."

PM says Miliband's Labour 'sneers at patriotic people'

David Cameron has accused Labour of sneering at patriotic working people after Emily Thornberry was forced to stand down as shadow attorney general over her white van Rochester tweet.

The Islington South MP's picture tweet was said to have enraged Labour leader Ed Miliband while it was condemned by a number of her party colleagues.

But Mr Cameron claimed the incident accurately represented the party's stance under Mr Miliband.

Emily Thornberry is one of Ed Miliband's closest allies and aides. Effectively what this means is that Ed Miliband's Labour Party sneers at people who work hard, who are patriotic and who love their country, and I think that is absolutely appalling.

– David Cameron
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