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Pay gap between men and women is getting wider

New research shows the gender pay gap has grown so much that the UK is now behind countries like Rwanda and Nicaragua.

ITV News reporter Sally Biddulph looks back on the fight to get women equal salaries to men.

Dagenham striker: Women 'don't stand a chance' today

One of the original Ford sewing machine strikers said she did not think women today would "stand a chance" of getting a pay rise if they took industrial action over equal pay.

Eileen Pulten (middle) told Good Morning Britain she did not think employers would listen to a group of employees on strike.

Gwen Davis (right) urged any woman who found out she was being paid less to do "something about it straight away".

Closing pay gap 'not happening quickly enough'

Progress on closing the pay gap between men and women "is not happening quickly enough," even equal pay legislation was brought in 40 years ago, a campaigner has told Good Morning Britain.

The Fawcett Society's Daisy Sands said an equal pay claim was taken out against Asda by female shop floor employees, who were allegedly being paid "£4 per hour less" than their male counterparts working in the warehouse.

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