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Police probe after claims Tulisa punched blogger

Police are making enquiries after a blogger accused former X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos of punching him and hurling drunken abuse at V Festival in the early hours of Sunday.

Vas Morgan claims the star charged towards him in a "drunken and angry state" and that she punched him in the eye before "hurling abusive threats".

Tulisa Contostavlos Credit: Suzan/Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment

Contostavlos' representative said: "Tulisa strongly denies assaulting Mr Morgan - she specifically denies punching Mr Morgan."

Essex Police have confirmed that they received an allegation of assault "alleged to have occurred at around midnight on Saturday at the V Festival".

"We are making further enquiries," a spokeswoman said.

Police end hunt after missing kittens found in bedroom

Police have ended their hunt for three newborn kittens believed to have been stolen from a house in Essex - after they were found hiding in a bedroom.

Essex Police launched a search for the cat burglars after the kittens were reported missing from a family home in The Chase, Barnston, this morning.

The three newborn kittens have been found hiding in a bedroom at the property. Credit: Essex Police/PA Wire

Detectives originally said it appeared only the kittens had been taken in the burglary and that it was "vital" they were reunited with their mother.

A police spokesman said in a new statement, "Members of the family discovered the three kittens behind a bedroom unit".


Family of domestic murder victim calls for public inquiry

Maria Stubbings, of Chelmsford in Essex, was strangled with a dog lead in 2008 by Marc Chivers, who had already killed a previous girlfriend.

Her brother Manuel Fernandez has told ITV Daybreak that the family have been calling for a public inquiry.

He said: "This highlights issues around domestic violence with one police force but it's actually a national problem."

HMIC: More action need to tackle domestic violence

Domestic abuse is a very serious crime, as the tragic cases of Maria Stubbings, Christine Chambers, her two-year-old daughter Shania and Jeanette Goodwin demonstrate. And it's absolutely vital the police get the handling of these cases right for victims.

Essex Police should be recognised for taking the positive step of asking for this issue to be reviewed, and the force has taken a number of important steps to address how domestic abuse cases are handled.

However, there is still more work to do to ensure that victims get the best possible service from their force.

– Zoe Billingham, HM Inspector of Constabulary

Essex Police 'committed on tackling domestic violence'

This report recognises the substantial steps that have been taken to make sure suspects are arrested at the earliest opportunity, that calls are dealt with quickly and that intelligence is developed to identify those at greatest risk.

But I also recognise that it highlights several areas where we need to streamline our processes, improve communication, and provide a better service to victims.

There has been some really positive work done so far and I have already acknowledged that there is still much work to be done.

We are very conscious that we must get our response right every single time.

We are committed to helping victims of domestic abuse and we would urge anyone suffering at the hands of a violent offender to contact us immediately.

– Essex Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh


Essex Police domestic abuse failings

Repeated failures in Essex Police's handling of reports of abuse were highlighted by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) following the cases of:

  • Maria Stubbings, a 50-year-old mother of two from Chelmsford, was strangled with a dog lead in 2008 by Chivers who also killed a previous girlfriend.
  • The IPCC found there was no assessment of the risk Chivers posed to Ms Stubbings and as a result she was not afforded proper protection.
  • Christine Chambers, 38, from Braintree, who was shot dead in 2011, along with her daughter Shania, by her ex-partner David Oakes.
  • Ms Chambers had been complaining about violence from Oakes for two years before the murders. The IPCC found the force's response was "inadequate".
  • Jeanette Goodwin, 47, was stabbed 30 times by Martin Bunch, 44, in 2011, in front of her husband at her home in Southend, Essex.
  • The IPCC found she received an "inadequate response" from Essex Police on the day of her murder, adding that the force did not recognise the need for urgent action.

Police force criticised over handling of domestic abuse

A police force in Essex, which failed four murder victims, has been criticised over their handing of domestic violence cases.

Repeated failures in Essex Police's handling of reports of abuse were highlighted by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

Maria Stubbings was murdered by her ex-partner. Credit: PA

The report follows the 2008 killing of Maria Stubbings by her ex-boyfriend Marc Chivers, the 2011 fatal shootings of Christine Chambers and her two-year-old daughter Shania by David Oakes and the murder of Jeanette Goodwin at the hands of her ex eight weeks later.

In the report, HMIC inspectors said the force took steps to improve the way it handles such cases but said further work is needed to ensure the risks to victims are properly managed.

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Diners leave without paying £520 bill

A CCTV image of the diners who left without paying the bill Credit: Essex Police

Essex Police are appealing for help in tracing four people who ate at an upmarket restaurant then left without paying the £520 bill.

The three men and a woman dined at Milsoms in Dedham, near Colchester, on the evening of February 16.

Police are appealing for help in identifying them.

Thief steals car with toddler asleep inside

A two-year-old boy slept through a car thief stealing his mother's silver Land Rover Freelander and driving off with him inside.

The toddler was fast asleep when his mother parked the car to deliver a package and left the engine running.

The horrified 32-year-old was at the door of a house handing over the parcel when she looked back and saw the suspect laugh at her, jump in the car and drive off from Kents Hill Road North, Benfleet, Essex, at 2.20pm on Friday.

The car was recovered shortly later in nearby Barncombe Close with the child still asleep.

The suspect fled and was not found despite Essex Police scrambling a search helicopter.

He was described as white, aged in his early 20s, clean shaven, and wore a black top with a light blue hood and dark trousers or tracksuit bottoms.

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