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Esther McVey picked to run for Osborne's Tatton seat

Esther McVey is bidding to return to Parliament two years after losing in Wirral West. Credit: PA

George Osborne has hailed former Tory Cabinet minister Esther McVey as a "one-woman Northern Powerhouse" as he announced she would be running for his vacated seat in the election.

Former employment minister McVey is bidding to return to Parliament in Tatton after losing her Wirral West seat in 2015.

Ex-chancellor Osborne announced earlier this month that he would quit the seat as he takes up the Evening Standard editorship.

McVey: Employment rise 'thanks to Government's economic plan'

With the vast majority of the rise in employment over the last year being full-time, it's clear that thanks to the Government's long-term economic plan, we are helping businesses to create the jobs that people need.

More young people are getting their foot on the career ladder and we've seen record falls in female unemployment, so as the economy continues to grow, more and more people are having their lives transformed by moving into work.

– Esther McVey, Employment Minister


McVey laughs off 'Downing Street catwalk' headline

Esther McVey said she thinks it is "great news people are talking about powerful women" in Number 10 after a Daily Mail headline on "the battle of the Downing Street catwalk" was widely criticised.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg poked fun at the newspaper by tweeting a picture of what he was wearing, while Green MP Caroline Lucas said the headline was an "all time low".

However, the employment minister, who was promoted to attend Cabinet meetings in yesterday's reshuffle, said: "I think it's great news that people are talking about powerful women walking up in to Downing Street.

"You've got some great women there now, secretaries of state, new people who've just come in to Parliament."

"So, you know what? If it takes a photo of some women getting a new job to start a whole generation of new young girls talking about what jobs I can do then that's fine by me," she added.

McVey: Employment rise reward for country's resilience

The country's "resilience" during the economic downturn "is being rewarded" after figures released today showed a fall in unemployment, Employment Minister Esther McVey said.

Employment Minister Esther McVey. Credit: PA

She said: "An important milestone has been reached in our country's recovery. With one of the highest employment rates ever, it's clear that the Government's long-term economic plan to help businesses create jobs and get people working again is the right one.

"With an employment rate which has never been higher, record women in work and more young people in jobs, the resilience of the country during the downturn is being rewarded.

"We know there is more to do, and the best way to do so is to go on delivering a plan that's creating growth and jobs."

Govt trying to tackle 'disengaged' youngsters

The Government will be working with a host of local organisations to get "disengaged" youngsters into either education, work or an apprenticeship, the Employment Minister told Good Morning Britain.

Esther McVey said the new scheme was about "working with" disengaged teenagers to help them turn their lives around.

Esther McVey: 'More women in work, wages going up'

Minister for Employment Esther McVey has praised the news of average earnings rising above the rate of inflation for the first time in six years.

She said: "More young people are in work, more women are in work, wages are going up, and more and more businesses are hiring - and it's a credit to them that Britain is working again."

Esther McVey
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