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Wales: Defeated on the pitch, but not deflated

  • ITV News report by Emma Murphy

They may have been defeated on the pitch, but the Welsh football team arrived back today to find a country united behind them, in high spirits.

Fans took to the streets of Cardiff to wait for their heroes to return - the team that is arguably the greatest Welsh team in any sport.

Welsh team mimic Icelandic battle cry outside stadium

The Welsh football team has completed their open top bus tour and arrived at Cardiff City Stadium, ahead of a celebratory concert to welcome them home after being knocked out of the Euros.

Once the players reached the stadium, led by Gareth Bale, they mimicked the now-infamous 'battle cry' that Iceland's football players became renowned for during the championship.

Gareth Bale: No prouder honour than playing for Wales

Gareth Bale has talked about how thrilled he is that the Wales football team made it to the semi-final of the European Championship - the furthest the team has ever reached in a major tournament.

"When you look back on it after, you really see what we've achieved as a nation, and you see what it means to all these fans out here," he said.

"There's no prouder honour than putting on a red t-shirt for Wales."

Manic's Nicky Wire: People will remember this forever

Nicky Wire from the Manic Street Preachers has spoken about his joy at Wales reaching the semi-final of the European Championship.

"It just becomes part of the collective memory of the nation, and that's really important," he said. "Everyone who has been around for this will remember that forever."

Speaking about the band's song, Together Stronger (C'mon Wales) he added: "It's about the players and the fans. It's to say thank you."

The song, which became the team's official anthem at the Euros, will be performed for around 33,000 people Cardiff City Stadium on Friday evening.

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