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European Parliament is 'totally ridiculous', says Juncker

The European Parliament is "totally ridiculous", EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said in a heated outburst in Strasbourg on Tuesday.

Mr Juncker was angered by only around 30 MEPs attending a plenary session to discuss the Maltese presidency of the EU.

EU Parliament President Antonio Tajani berated Mr Juncker and asked him to show more respect, adding: "The commission does not control the parliament. It is the parliament that should be controlling the commission."

Mr Juncker responded: "There are only a few members in the parliament to control the commission. You are ridiculous."

European Parliament 'unclear' on UK's Brexit strategy

The General Election results have left the European Parliament "unclear" what the UK's position on Brexit is.

While Theresa May spoke of a "hard Brexit" or even no deal in January, Brexit Minister Steve Baker told of the need for the "softest" Brexit on Tuesday.

A view seemingly echoed by Michael Gove who said the wishes of remain voters must also be taken into account.

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