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Theresa May 'disingenuous' over foxhunting ban vote

Campaigner Sir Ranulph Fiennes has accused Theresa May of being "disingenuous" over the Conservative Party's plan to hold another vote on ending the foxhunting ban.

Citing Mrs May's pledge to tackle modern slavery, Sir Fiennes said in an interview on Peston on Sunday: "She is being encourage the reemergence of another abuse which we definitely thought had been confined to the history books, which is without a doubt 'a cruel exploitation'."

The explorer added that he has seen first-hand the results of foxhunting.

"To go out on horseback, jumping over fences etc is great, I encourage it," he said.

"But why do you need to end up having a fox chewed to bits by dogs?"

Sturgeon: Cameron is not master of all he surveys

David Cameron is "not the master of all he surveys in the House of Commons" after his U-turn on the fox hunting vote, Nicola Sturgeon said.

The SNP leader told ITV News said: "He has a fragile majority [on this issue] and perhaps this has reminded him how fragile that majority is, and if he's got any sense, he'll regret on that."


Anti-hunting protesters march outside parliament

Dozens of animal rights activists marched outside parliament today in protest at the government's planned reforms on fox hunting.

Protesters dressed as foxes let off orange flares outside Parliament. Credit: PA

A controversial vote on whether to relax the current hunting ban was due to take place tomorrow but has now been postponed after it emerged the SNP would block the reforms.

Many held up slogans like the one above. Credit: PA

Celebrities including Queen guitarist Brian May, Ricky Gervais, Morrissey, Sadie Frost and Stella McCartney have all backed the campaign to keep it in place.

Queen guitarist Brian May is one of many stars to back the ban. Credit: PA

SNP will still be able to vote on hunting despite EVEL

Number 10 has admitted that even after changes to English Votes for English Laws the SNP will still be able to vote on foxhunting.

ITV News' Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship tweeted the party could still block David Cameron from pushing the changes through parliament.

Cameron: SNP position is 'entirely opportunistic'

David Cameron has said the SNP have been "entirely opportunistic" in their action on the foxhunting vote.

ITV News' Correspondent Libby Wiener asked the Prime Minister if he had been "outfoxed" by Nicola Sturgeon on the issue.

"I wouldn't quite put it like, that but the position of the SNP has up to now always been clear.

"They do not vote on matters that are purely of interest to England and Wales, particularly if they have already settled that issue in Scotland.

"So I find the position today entirely opportunistic and very hard to explain it in any other way," he replied.

Government 'sounds bugle of retreat' over foxhunting

The SNP leader for Westminster Angus Robertson has accused the government of "sounding the bugle of retreat" in its U-turn on the foxhunting vote.

ITV News' Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship tweeted:


Sturgeon 'successfully sabotages' foxhunting vote

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has "successfully sabotaged" David Cameron's bid to relax foxhunting after the government withdrew a last minute vote on the issue today.

ITV News' Political Correspondent Libby Wiener tweeted the action could now give more weight to the 'English Votes for English Laws' argument.

It is thought a new vote could take place on autumn but the SNP may be blocked from taking part.

Government pulls vote on relaxing fox hunting ban

The government has made a last minute decision to pull a vote on relaxing fox hunting which was due to take place tomorrow.

Credit: PA

It comes after the SNP said they would oppose the changes despite the reforms only applying to England and Wales.

But their intervention meant a defeat in the Commons was almost certain.

The vote is now expected to take place in the autumn which means the issue of "English Votes for English Laws" could be implemented, effectively blocking the SNP from taking part, beforehand.