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  1. Chris Ship

News Corp lobbyist compares Cable and Hunt

Fred Michel maintains the better and more helpful communication with Jeremy Hunt's office was "normal". He contrasts that approach with the one he was used to at Vince Cable's office at the Department of Business (before Dr Cable was stripped of responsibility for the £8 billion takeover).

"We (BSkyB) were of the internal view that (the process) should not stop us from putting arguments to advisers and officials," Fred Michel told the Leveson Inquiry.

Was Dr Cable right to ban any communication with BSkyB - or was it proper that Jeremy Hunt allowed free flowing communication between his adviser and News Corporation? That could be a question only Lord Justice Leveson can answer.

Michel: 'I do not need to puff myself up'

Fred Michel: In my communication I was referring to the UK Government being generally supportive of the bid, not any particular Minister.

He consistently denies he "exaggerated" the progress in any of his emails. "I do not need to puff myself up," he answers.

Fred Michel does say at Tory conference Jeremy Hunt was "supportive of the arguments we were making" about the bid.

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