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Tomlinson family: 'The damage is done'

Mr Tomlinson's widow Julia said:

We aren't surprised he has been struck off. It is more of a surprise that he was able to work as a pathologist for so long and that he was selected to do the post-mortem on Ian.

We are pleased that he will not be able to put any more families through the ordeal he caused us, but the damage he has done can't now be undone.

MPTS: Dr Patel 'lacked insight'

Dr Mohmed Saeed Sulema Patel, known as Freddy Patel, arrives for a General Medical Council disciplinary hearing in London in 2010 Credit: Fiona Hanson/PA Wire

The Rev Robert Lloyd-Richards, chairman of the The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) fitness to practise panel which heard the case, told Patel he had an "unwarranted confidence" in his ability, "a deep-seated attitudinal problem" and also "lacked insight".


GMC: 'Dr Patel fell far below the standards we expect of a doctor'

We welcome the decision by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service that Dr Patel's name should be removed from the medical register. This means he is no longer able to practise as a doctor in the UK.

We asked for him to be removed from the register as the best way of protecting the public because his conduct fell far below the standards we expect of a doctor. We are therefore pleased by today's outcome.

– Niall Dickson, Chief Executive of the General Medical Council (GMC)

Dr Patel's 'closed mind set' made him 'unreliable'

Dr Freddy Patel said Ian Tomlinson wrongly died of coronary artery disease Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Rev Robert Lloyd-Richards, chairman of the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service tribunal board said Freddy Patel's "closed mind set' made him unreliable:

"In the case of Mr Tomlinson, even after you had seen the video footage of him being struck by a baton and pushed to the ground, and despite your finding of three litres of fluid/blood in his abdominal cavity, you continued to attribute his death to coronary artery disease.

Despite the fact that you knew that three other pathologists considered that Mr Tomlinson died as a result of bleeding from a traumatic liver injury caused by the push and fall to the ground, you did not change your view or consider adequately, or at all, any alternative cause in any detail."

G20 pathologist banned for dishonesty

Dr Freddy Patel, the pathologist who conducted the post-mortem examination on Ian Tomlinson, who died after being pushed to the ground by PC Simon Harwood in 2009, has been given a four-month ban for dishonesty, and misconduct.

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service has suspended Dr Patel from practising after he omitted key findings from the body of a murder victim whom he said had died from natural causes.

He has been removed from the official register of approved forensic pathologists, and faces further sanctions.