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FW de Klerk: 'Today is a day for mourning'

Former South African president FW de Klerk has said spoken of his sadness at the death of Nelson Mandela after seeing his body lying in state in Pretoria.

He told ITV News' Africa Correspondent Rohit Kachroo: "I'm very sad. Yesterday was a day for celebration. Today is a day for mourning."

Asked how it felt to see Mandela, he said: "It touched my heart deep."


De Klerk: Thatcher 'was a strong critic of apartheid'

FW de Klerk, who was the last president of apartheid [South Africa]((, has told ITV News that Baroness Thatcher "embraced and supported" his decision to release Nelson Mandela from prison and negotiate with the African National Congress.

Mr de Klerk, who ruled between 1989 and 1994, told Political Editor Tom Bradby that Lady Thatcher was a "strong critic of apartheid" who had taken the view that Mr Mandela needed to be released "as soon as possible."

On a personal level, the former South African leader told that he had the "highest appreciation" for his friendship with Lady Thatcher.

He added that she was an "honest" and "purposeful" leader who he had "great admiration" for.