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Madeleine McCann: Libel ruling overturned

The McCanns initially won the libel case Credit: PA

A former police chief who accused Madeleine McCann's parents of faking her abduction has won his appeal over a court libel loss against them.

Gonçalo Amaral was ordered to pay Kate and Gerry McCann half a million euros worth of libel damages in April last year after making the accusation.

But on Tuesday three judges ruled in his favour and overturned the ruling.

"This decision, not only means my client hasn't got to pay the €500,000 to the parents, but also - equally important and apparently not much highlighted by media - allows him to express his freedom of speech and the chance to republish his book", Mr Amaral's lawyer said.

Madeleine went missing whilst on holiday with her parents in the Algarve, Portugal, in 2007.

Madeleine McCann parents awarded £358,000 libel payout

Kate and Gerry McCann, the parents of missing Madeleine, have been awarded a libel payout by a court in Portugal against the former police chief who led the investigation into their daughter's disappearance.

Kate and Gerry McCann. Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Goncalo Amaral was ordered to pay damages of €250,000 to each of the McCanns, a total of £358,000, after they sued following the publication of his book The Truth of the Lie.

The court also ordered sales of the book to be halted.

Giving evidence at Lisbon's Palace of Justice last year the couple spoke of their "devastation, desperation, anxiety and pain" over the claims.

They added that the book hampered support from in Portugal as they looked for their daughter.

Mrs McCann told the court her young son had asked about Mr Amaral's allegations after hearing about them on the radio while travelling on the school bus.


Police: 'Madeleine conclusion is not imminent'

Met Police assistant commissioner Mark Rowley said:

Just to be clear, we are focused on the appeal on Crimewatch next week which we hope will produce new witnesses. It is clearly too early to speculate about where this will lead.

It remains vital for us, and the success of the appeal, that the public are focused on new facts that can be released by the investigative team rather than speculation.

I am impressed by what Detective Chief Inspector Redwood and his team have achieved but a conclusion is not imminent, there is much ground to cover and we still need assistance - hence the appeal next week.

Gerry McCann 'encouraged' by new Madeleine evidence

Gerry McCann says he is "encouraged" by new evidence relating to the disappearance of his daughter Madeleine.

"As parents, we won't accept Madeleine is dead until we see clear evidence that that is the case," he told ITV News.

"Clearly we're encouraged. There is new evidence, and the appeals will hopefully lead to further new evidence."

He said he and his wife were "optimistic that new pieces will be uncovered that will fill in parts of the jigsaw."

'Fresh, substantive' evidence found by Madeleine cops

Gerry and Kate McCann's daughter, Madeline, disappeared from a holiday flat in Portugal six years ago on May 2007. Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Kate and Gerry McCann are to make a significant television appeal in light of "fresh, substantive" material unearthed as part of a British police investigation into their daughter's disappearance.

The McCanns will appear live in the studio during an episode of BBC Crimewatch on Monday October 14, which will also feature a reconstruction and pre-recorded interviews with the couple.

Scotland Yard is for the first time trawling through a vast log of mobile phone traffic identified in Praia da Luz, in Portugal, at the time of Madeleine's disappearance.


Gerry McCann: 'Damage caused to search for Madeleine'

Gerry McCann said that he was not expecting the hearing to be delayed at a Lisbon court. He was in hoping to give evidence in the family's libel case against a former detective. The hearing was postponed because the defence lawyer had to care for his ill son.

Gerry McCann attended court in Lisbon Credit: ITV News

Mr McCann said: "The law has changed, and I think that Kate and I know better than anyone else what we have experienced, and what we have gone through, the facts of the file and the damage that has been caused to the search for Madeleine."

Today's hearing in McCann libel trial 'is postponed'

The hearing for the McCann family's libel case against a former police detective has reportedly been delayed today because the son of the lawyer for Goncalo Amaral is ill.

Sky News crime correspondent Martin Brunt, who is at the court in Lisbon, has reported:

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