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Gwyneth Paltrow shared Glee pictures before split

It was business as usual for Gwyneth Paltrow shortly before she announced her split from husband Chris Martin.

The pair confirmed they would separate in a blog post but shortly before the actress had been sharing pictures of herself and her co-stars on the Glee set.

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20th Century Fox on Glee row: 'We will prevail'

Twentieth Century Fox have pledged to deliver Glee to fans in UK, after the smash hit TV show has come under threat of being banned in the country, following a dispute with the owner of a chain of comedy clubs with the same name as the show.

A Twentieth Century Fox spokeswoman said later:

We intend to appeal and are confident that, as the case plays out, we will ultimately prevail. We remain committed to delivering Glee to all of its fans in the UK.


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Court hears how customers 'put off' Midlands Glee Clubs

The smash hit TV show, Glee, could be banned from UK television screens after a judge ruled it 'diluted and tarnished' the reputation of a chain of comedy clubs which has venues in the Midlands.

Comic Enterprises Ltd has Glee Club's in Nottingham and Birmingham, where it claims business has suffered and customers have been put off by the TV show.

The entrance to The Glee Club in Nottingham Credit: ITV News Central

Comic Enterprises can now claim damages from Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation or an 'account of profits' that it has made from televising Glee.

The Glee Club in Nottingham has struggled since the US TV show was first aired Credit: ITV News Central

The company could also seek an injunction, effectively expelling Glee from UK screens.

Empty bottles and used needle found in hotel room

A used needle, a spoon with drug residue and two empty champagne bottles were found in the hotel room Glee actor Cory Monteith died in, a coroner's report said.

An examination of the scene revealed drug paraphernalia including a spoon with drug residue and a used hypodermic needle, along with two empty champagne bottles and glasses.

Hotel video footage showed Mr. Monteith returning to his room at 2:16 am on July 13, and that he was not seen alive again.

– Coroner's report

Glee actor died from champagne and heroin mix

Glee actor Cory Monteith died from mixing champagne and heroin, a coroner has ruled.

Monteith's body was found on 13 July in a hotel in Vancouver, Canada. Credit: ABACA USA

A "spoon with drug residue", a used needle and two empty champagne bottles were found in the 31-year-old's hotel room in Vancouver.

The Canadian star, who played Finn Hudson in the hit show, was found dead on July 13 and had a history of drug use.

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