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Shapps row 'a Labour smear to distract from SNP deal'

Asked about the Grant Shapps-Wikipedia claims, Conservative Education Secretary Nicky Morgan told Good Morning Britain:

Knowing Grant as I do, I find it completely unbelievable that he would do such a thing.

I have to say I think this is all about the Labour Party trying to detract from the point we have been making about the deal that they would have to do with the SNP, which is going to cost people in this country a lot of money and is not something I think that we want to see - it would result in more debt, more borrowing, higher taxes.

This is all about detracting from that story and I'm afraid I think it's a smear tactic that won't work. This is not something that Grant would do.

Cameron backs Shapps over Wikipedia claims

David Cameron has defended Grant Shapps after the Conservative chairman was accused of anonymously editing his own entry on Wikipedia.

Cameron backs Shapps over Wikipedia claims

Taking questions after a speech in Bedford, Mr Cameron was asked whether he had "full confidence" in his chairman, and replied: "Grant does a great job. He has made a very clear statement about this and I have got nothing to add to that."


Clegg mocks Grant Shapps over Wikipedia allegations

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg mocked Grant Shapps, who used the pseudonym Michael Green for his internet business.

At a press conference in central London, Mr Clegg said Mr Shapps has "fervently denied" involvement in editing his Wikipedia page.

He continued: "I'm prepared to believe it. It just could have been someone else - Michael Green, for instance. Boom, boom."


Shapps: Politicians should not use Twitter 'to judge the public'

Conservative party chairman Grant Shapps has said politicians should not be using Twitter to judge the public but that the public should be judging politicians, after Emily Thornberry's tweet led to her resigning from the front bench.

Tonight's panel on The Agenda with Tom Bradby. Credit: Twitter/ @agendaitv

Speaking as one of the guests on The Agenda with Tom Bradby Mr Shapps said it was still important for MPs to be on Twitter: "Politicians can either hide away or they can be out there. It's not just tweeting - it's about replying to people who tweet to you."

Other guests on the programme on ITV at 10.35pm tonight are feminist writer Germaine Greer, poet Benjamin Zephaniah and Telegraph Women's Editor, Emma Barnett.

Shapps: Rise in Ukip votes 'a wake up call'

Ukip's win in Clacton and massive boost in support in the Heywood and Middleton byelection is "a wake up call" to the Tories, Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps said.

He told Good Morning Britain that Ukip had taken votes from all parties, but had "cost Conservatives seats in Parliament," putting Ed Miliband closer to Number 10.

Shapps: Result 'shows if you vote Labour you get Ukip'

Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps has said the Clacton byelection result "shows if you vote Labour you get Ukip.

Shapps told Good Morning Britain the UK "will face a massive choice" at the General Election next year.

"It's the most significant General Election for generations," he added.

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