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Vast canyon discovered under Greenland

The hole under Greenland is 466 miles long Credit: PA

A vast hole in the Earth on the same scale as the Grand Canyon lies buried under ice in Greenland, scientists have learned.

The hidden mega-canyon is at least 466 miles (740km) long and up to 2,624ft (800m) deep in places.

The feature, resembling a meandering river channel, is believed to pre-date the ice sheet that has covered Greenland for millions of years.

Professor Jonathan Bamber, from the school of geographical studies at University of Bristol, said:

"With Google Streetview available for many cities around the world and digital maps for everything from population density to happiness, one might assume that the landscape of the Earth has been fully explored and mapped.

"Our research shows there's still a lot left to discover."

The canyon was uncovered by airborne radar which can penetrate ice and bounce off the land beneath.

Explorer warns about the 'romance' of polar expeditions

Mark Wood, pictured during an expedition to the Arctic says the region is one of the most unforgiving on the planet. Credit:

British adventurer Mark Wood has warned of the dangers of embarking on Arctic challenges, claiming people "fall in love with the romance of a polar expedition" without being aware of the true dangers.

The 47-year-old, from Coventry, attempted to become the first person in history to ski solo to both the South and North Poles, but had to halt the expedition after funding cuts.

Speaking to ITV News from his base camp at Mount Everest, he said: "The Arctic is one of the most unforgiving environments on the planet.

"The dangers are hidden; cold, isolation and the ever-changing landscape.

"People fall in love with the romance of a polar expedition but when you're on the ice it's a very different matter - it sucks the strength out of you."

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