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Gucci store 'ram raided' in central London

A car was left in the middle of the shop floor

A Mercedes car was left in the middle of a Gucci store in Sloane Square in central London on Wednesday night after an apparent ram raid.

Police around the entrance to the Gucci store in Sloane Square

The Metropolitan Police said that shortly before 10pm a black Mercedes car reversed in to the store, smashing the doors and three suspects grabbed handbags from the store before making off in a second car - a blue Audi A4.

There have been no arrests but police are investigating.

The car is removed from the store

Report: Ram-raiders attack Gucci store in London

Sky news has reported that a flagship Gucci store in London has been attacked by ram-raiders.

According to Sky, the car was driven into the boutique on Sloane Street on Wednesday night.

The location of the Gucci store on Sloane Street in London Credit: Google Maps

The Metropolitan Police said three suspects fled the scene, with no arrests made.

As yet it is unclear whether anything was stolen, but police are treating it as a burglary.