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Report: Company sold thousands of toxic hip implants

A company sold toxic hip implants used in thousands of operations in Britain knowing they were potentially dangerous, The Daily Telegraph reports.

More than 10,000 Britons have been fitted with the metal-on-metal implants. Credit: Press Association

Depuy, a subsidiary of Johnson&Johnson, continued to market 'metal on metal' hip implants for "at least three years" after a leading British surgeon warned in emails to an executive of the manufacturer that patients were suffering, the newspaper reports.

An American court case has also revealed that the company’s own data also allegedly disclosed that a relatively high proportion of the artificial hips, which are supposed to last a lifetime, were failing after two and a half years.

Report: Sub-standard hip and knee replacements being licensed for use on NHS

The Telegraph reports that the regulation system for medical implants is susceptible to corrupt practices Credit: ITV News

A joint investigation by the newspaper and the British Medical Journal found that regulators in Slovakia and the Czech Republic were willing to approve devices with similar properties to products that have left patients in "severe pain".

The newspaper reports that the regulation system for medical implants is pan-European and is susceptible to corrupt practices because of competition between rival regulators.

It also claims to have secretly recorded regulators describing licensed products as "horrible" and admitting they are "on the side of the manufacturer" rather than the patient.