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Manufacturers 'should make safety recalls clearer'

Phil Buckle from Electrical Safety First said he would like to see manufacturers standardise how they issue product recalls, to make it clearer and easier for the public to ascertain how serious a risk their appliance may have.


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Family left homeless after dishwasher fire

A family from Oxfordshire have been sharing their story of how a smoke alarm saved their lives after their dishwasher caught alight, destroying their home.

The Pipers from Bicester are now homeless after smoke and soot made their house uninhabitable. However they're grateful that they managed to escape the building after alarms woke them up.

ITV Meridian spoke to Tim Piper.

Electrical Safety First: Tips to keep your home safe

Electrical Safety First has three top tips that can help keep your home safe after you buy a new electrical appliance:

Martyn Allen, head of the charity's electrotechnical division, has this advice:

Mr Allen's comments come after an ITV News investigation found more than 600,000 dishwashers are still unaccounted for despite safety recalls over fire fears.

Dishwasher safety recalls issued after reports of fire

Bosch and Hotpoint have issued dishwasher safety recalls after hundreds of incidents of fire and smoke damage were reported by consumers.

Danny Nash told ITV News his daughter "would love her dog back" after the beloved pet died in a blaze the fire brigade believes was caused by a dishwasher.

"She can't have that, and that's heartbreaking for her", he added.

ITV News Consumer Editor Chris Choi reports:


Hotpoint says customer safety 'always our top priority'

Hotpoint has said the safety of its customers "is always our top priority" after an ITV News investigation found hundreds of thousands of dishwashers remain unaccounted for despite safety recalls.

The manufacturer said in a statement:

As the leading white good manufacturer the safety of our customers is always our top priority.

We always work in close consultation with the relevant industry safety bodies and initially, due to the age of the appliances involved and the relatively small number estimated to still be in use it was not deemed necessary to initiate a repair programme.

Family's kitchen destroyed after dishwasher fire

Danny Nash showed ITV News around his kitchen following a blaze the fire brigade believes was caused by his dishwasher.

Mr Nash claims manufacturer Hotpoint is to blame, saying his machine should have been recalled at the same time as Bosch issued its alert.

Hotpoint told ITV News, "We cannot comment on Mr Nash's case at present."

Factfile: Bosch and Hotpoint dishwashers safety recall

An ITV News investigation has found more than 600,000 dishwashers that were recalled due to fire hazard concerns are still unaccounted for.

Hotpoint said it was aware of a "small number of cases" where an electrical component had failed in the appliance, which could lead to overheating and "in rare cases a potential fire hazard".

According to the research:

  • More than 844,000 dishwashers were sold with a fault that can cause fires
  • So far, Bosch has traced 187,043 appliances and Hotpoint has found 8,295
  • That means a total of 648,662 remain unaccounted for
  • Bosch reports there have been 410 incidents in people's homes
  • Hotpoint reports 38 such incidents
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