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Speed awareness course for Police Commissioner

Matthew Grove (left) defeated Lord Prescott (right) in elections for the post last year Credit: PA

The police and crime commissioner for Humberside, Matthew Grove, is to go on a speed awareness course after breaking the law in his car.

Mr Grove was recorded driving at 36mph in a 30mph zone on the Peaks Parkway in Grimsby in October.

He was offered the opportunity of a speed awareness course as an alternative to prosecution for a motoring offence.

Mr Grove said he "welcomed" the opportunity to go on the course and "reflect on my standard of driving."

He was elected to the £75,000 a year post last November as the Conservative Party candidate after narrowly beating Labour's Lord Prescott.

Passenger's emergency landing caught on camera

Footage of the moment a passenger was forced to land a light aircraft after his pilot fell ill has been released.

John Wildey, who had never flown a plane before, successfully landed the aircraft at Humberside airport on his fourth attempt after being guided through the process by a flight instructor on the ground.

The moment was captured by a camera mounted on an RAF helicopter.


Passenger was 'terrified' as he landed plane

The passenger who landed a plane after the pilot collapsed at the controls that he was "terrified".

When John Wildey was told the flight instructor that guided him down said he would make a good pilot, he told ITV News, "I doubt it, I was sat there as white as a sheet".

"It's very nice of him to say so but I was terrified to be honest," he continued.

"I'd love to go up again," Mr Wildey said, laughing, "I have got a free lesson from a friend down South that I was supposed to have done two, three weeks ago, but the cloud was down".

Passenger did 'a bloody good job' landing plane

The passenger who landed a plane after its pilot collapsed at the controls had done "a bloody good job," the aircraft's owner said.

Matthew Fox said of John Wildey: "It would be nigh on impossible for someone who has never had any tuition to do what he did.

The Cessna 172 light aircraft that passenger John Wildey landed. Credit: Richard McCarthy/PA Wire

"The pilot has died and that is very sad but it could have been a lot worse. He has done remarkably well - 90% of people wouldn't have been able to do it."

The plane was leased by Flying Fox Aviation, based at Bagby Airfield near Thirsk in North Yorkshire, to Sandtoft Airfield and Flying School.

Mr Fox said the passenger's job was made more difficult as he was not sat in the pilot's seat.

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