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Duncan Smith backs PM's move for Brexit talks mandate

Former work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith backed Theresa May's early election call. Credit: ITV News

Former Conservative cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith has told ITV News that Theresa May is right to pursue a mandate early in Brexit talks by calling for a snap general election.

"The choice for voters is 'do you want a strong leader of a strong party to take you through these difficult (Brexit) negotiations?'," the backbench Tory MP said.

Mr Duncan Smith praised Mrs May as "one of the strongest leaders" since Margaret Thatcher and said her election U-turn was justified to strengthen her hand in the negotiations to leave the EU.

"What she's saying to the British people is 'we've got a lot to do and we need that mandate to do it now at the start of that process rather than waiting for a problem to arise and having to come back to say look we've hit a problem'," he said.


Questions over Duncan Smith's lack of signature

On Iain Duncan Smith's notable absence from the letter to David Cameron, our deputy political editor tweets:

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