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Son: 'It's time for the family to grieve for our dad Ian'

Ian Tomlinson's son Paul King has said that his family will only now begin to heal after his father's death.

He said that since Ian's death during the G20 protests in London 2009 his memory of his father has been the amateur video filmed of his last few minutes and that he has had trouble remembering his father the man:

"The last four and a half years - my only memory of Ian is the video. It's been hard to try and think of him outside this trial. The family's going to take this time now and go back, we didn't even grieve properly for our dad."


PC Harwood 'will have to live with Tomlinson's death'

Paul King, Ian Tomlinson's son, has said that PC Simon Harwood will have to live with the death of his father who died during the G20 protests in April 2009.

Mr King said: "He'll have to live with that every day and we know the truth. We tried and we never give up...the Metropolitan Police have accepted liability, it would have been better if they had made an example of Harwood...but we are where we are now, we've got to move on at some stage."

PC Harwood hit Mr Tomlinson with a baton and shoved him to the ground during the protests in London.

He was cleared of killing Mr Tomlinson but was found guilty of gross misconduct by a disciplinary panel.

Apology for 'distress' caused to Tomlinson family

Met Police deputy assistant commissioner Maxine de Brunner apologised "unreservedly" for Pc Simon Harwood’s use of "excessive and unlawful force", which caused Ian Tomlinson’s death, and for the "suffering and distress" caused to his family.

I take full responsibility for the actions of Simon Harwood on April 1, 2009. His actions fell far below the standard we expect from our officers. I accept the finding of the inquest that Mr Tomlinson was unlawfully killed.

As the jury found, “at the time of the strike and push Mr Tomlinson was walking away from the police line. He was complying with police instructions to leave Royal Exchange Buildings. He posed no threat”.

– Met Police deputy assistant commissioner Maxine de Brunner


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