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Poppi Worthington father will not attend new inquest

The father of Poppi Worthington will not attend a new inquest into the toddler's death as it would put him at a risk of attack, his lawyers have said.

A family court ruled that Paul Worthington probably sexually assaulted his daughter before her unexplained death at just 13 months old in December 2012.

His family are reportedly standing by him and his sister said that they hope the new inquest will finally give them answers over the tragedy.

Report by ITV News correspondent Damon Green.

Tracy Worthington, aunt to Poppi and sister of Paul, today told ITV News that Mr Worthington would fight to prove he was innocent at the new inquest.

The papers have made him into some kind of monster - that isn't Paul.

Everyone who knows Paul knows he doted on Poppi. He would never do anything to harm a hair on that kid's head.

– Tracy Worthington

The inquest is the second into Poppi's death. A first hearing lasting just seven minutes declared it was "unexplained".

The Crown Prosecution Service has now said it is reviewing its original decision not to bring charges and will consider any new evidence that emerges at the new inquest.

  1. Lewis Vaughan Jones - ITV News Correspondent

Boris Berezovsky inquest is opened and adjourned

The inquest into the death of Boris Berezovsky has been opened and adjourned. There was a brief account of the circumstances around the discovery of the body.

Boris Berezovsky speaks to the media last year. Credit: ITV News/Widiane Moussa

He was found with material around his neck and also a piece of similar material tied around a shower nearby. There is no evidence of third party involvement. However, investigations are still ongoing, so this possibility cannot be eliminated.

Police are still waiting for toxicology reports and the house where he lived in Ascot remains 'under police control' as searches continue.

Berezovsky's body was formally identified this week by his eldest daughter.

Coroner urges gun licensing changes at inquest

Taxi driver Michael Atherton shot dead three members of his family before killing himself. Credit: Durham Police

A coroner has called for "root and branch" changes to gun licensing at the conclusion of an inquest into a taxi driver who shot dead three members of his family before killing himself.

Andrew Tweddle said that with the current "flawed" system it was "fortuitous" there had not been more incidents like the one in Horden, near Peterlee, County Durham, on New Year's Day 2012.

Michael Atherton, 42, killed his partner, Susan McGoldrick, 47, her sister, Alison Turnbull, 44, and Ms Turnbull's daughter, Tanya, 24, before turning the gun on himself.

Mr Tweddle, sitting in Crook, reached a verdict that the women were unlawfully killed and that Atherton killed himself.

The inquest heard that Atherton, despite a history of domestic abuse and threats to self-harm, legally owned six weapons, including three shotguns.

The inquest also heard that there was no formal training for police officers involved in granting firearms licences.


Hundreds of historic sex abuse allegations to be reviewed

Hundreds of historic allegations of sex abuse will be reviewed following the failure of the authorities to properly investigate the Jimmy Savile scandal as well as the gang-led grooming of girls.

The Director of Public Prosecutions also set out how abuse cases will be dealt with in the future in England and Wales, to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.