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PM: Families will be 'one click away' from online safety

David Cameron has pledged to crack down on child abuse images on the internet. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire/Press Association Images

David Cameron has said families in the UK are just "one click away" from protecting their children online and implementing web filters.

Hundreds of thousands of homes have been given a whole home family friendly internet filter just months after the Prime Minister signed up Internet Service Providers (ISP) to do more to help parents keep their children safe online.

"I made a promise in July that I would take action to help parents protect their children when online at home and we are now delivering on that promise," the Conservative leader said.

"In the weeks and months ahead, millions of hard working families will only need one click to protect their whole home and to keep their children safe.

"And when someone sets up a new broadband account, the settings to install family friendly filters will be automatically selected and it will only be switched off parent choses to do so."

The Prime Minister will host a key meeting with the Internet Service Providers and wider internet industry on Monday in Downing Street.


£25m campaign to protect child safety on the internet

Under new measures to protect child safety on the internet agreed by Prime Minister David Cameron and Internet Service Providers (ISPs), a £25m internet safety campaign will be carried out over a three-year period.

The campaign will help advise millions of parents on how best to protection their children and use the filters.

Here is a guideline of some of the introduced measures:

  • Computer skills training for adults and ISPs to work with children on internet awareness and how best to stay safe.
  • ISPs to act as a point of contact for people.
  • The six largest public Wi-Fi providers across the UK: Arquiva, BT, Sky, Nomad, Virgin Media and 02, covering 90% of the market, have confirmed they have switched on family friendly filters in all areas where children might access the internet.

Child protection web filters 'kept on' under new rules

New internet filters are designed to keep online users safe. Credit: Adam Peck/PA Wire/Press Association Images

New child protection internet filters are to be always kept on in hundreds of thousands of UK homes under new guidelines to help parents keep their children safe online.

David Cameron called for more measures to be put in place on the World Wide Web earlier this year and reached an agreement with Internet Service Providers (ISP).

This week, Sky joined Talk Talk by installing family friendly filters that will be automatically switched on for all new broadband account holders, and the remaining two of the 'big four', Virgin and BT, have confirmed they will follow suit in less than two months.

It is expected the providers will confirm to the Prime Minister next week that 95 per cent of all homes in Britain with an existing internet connection - will be required to choose whether to switch on a whole home family friendly internet filter by the end of next year.

The announcement comes ahead of a summit of Internet service providers in Downing Street on Monday.

Constable: 'Straightforward' to identify men who access indecent images

Lincolnshire Assistant Chief Constable Roger Bannister says he took part in raids on suspected internet paedophiles yesterday.

"It's actually relatively straightforward to indentify men who, through an internet connection - often a laptop or another kind of computer at home, access these kinds of indecent images of children," he says.

"We identify them...and then we arrest the individual."

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