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Unexplained rash? There could be nickel in your iPad

Nickel has been found in the plastic coating of iPads and other electronic devices. Credit: PA

Unexplained rash? Check your iPad, because it may contain nickel.

The most common allergy-inducing metal was discovered in various electronic devices, including laptops and mobile phones.

But an Apple iPad was found to be the culprit of an itchy rash which covered the body of an 11-year-old boy in America recently.

Apple spokesman Chris Gaither said reactions like this were 'extremely rare' and added the company's products were made from the highest quality materials which met the same strict standards for jewellery in both the US and Europe.

Research shows women tend to react more to nickel than men. But it doesn't mean you have to stop using your iPad as a protective cover on the plastic coating should stop nickel coming into contact with skin.

Vote using phones and iPads, Bercow says

Commons Speaker John Bercow. Credit: PA

People should be able to use mobile phones and iPads to vote, John Bercow has said.

The Commons Speaker insisted it would not be an "earth-shattering change" if elections were conducted with such technology in future.

He also suggested that MPs could be allowed to vote electronically in Parliament, after centuries in which they have been manually counted through division lobbies.

He said: "In an era in which many people bank, search for a partner and conduct their most private of business online, treating their mobile phone or tablet as an extension of themselves, why should we not enable them to cast their vote using the same or similar tools, if they so wish?"


Tech savvy children the new 'early adopters' of gadgets

Almost a fifth of parents (16%) believe their under 16-year-olds are "addicted" to gadgets, while more than a quarter (26%) say their children would feel lost without them.

The term 'early adopters' now has a whole new meaning, with today's kids knowing their way around the latest tech before they're out of nappies.

But parents really do need to keep tabs on what their children get up to online and lay out some ground rules or risk having to cover the cost of bills racked up by in-app purchases, particularly in seemingly 'free-to-play' games.

– USwitch telecoms spokesman

Almost three-quarters of parents (71%) limit the hours their children spend using technology.The study also revealed that more than one in 10 children (12%) have racked up unexpected bills by making in-app purchases on tablets and smartphones.

Quarter of British children under eight have a tablet

More than a quarter of British children under eight-years-old have tablet computers, a survey suggests. The poll for found 27% of under-eights have one of the gadgets, while 17% were aged between two and three when they first learned to use a touch screen and 10% were under two.

More than quarter British children under eight have tablet computer. Credit: Jan Haas/DPA/Press Association Images

Some 84% of parents bought technology for their children last year, spending an average of £462 each or £5.6 billion collectively, the study found.

The majority of the spending - £3.2 billion - was on gadgets for Christmas.

And more than a third of parents (36%) expect to spend more on gadgets for their children this year, with 91% saying their children already own at least one games console.

iPad potty-training seat named worst toy of year

A baby toilet training seat with a built in iPad holder has been named the worst toy of the year.

A baby toilet training seat with a built in iPad holder has been named the worst toy of the year. Credit: CTA

The Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood described CTA Digital's iPotty as "the worst of the worst" in its round-up of 2013's commercially-driven toys.

"Members are appalled by the escalating push to insinuate screens into every aspect of young children’s lives," the US charity wrote on its website.

Fisher-Price's iPad Apptivity Seat, Newborn-to-Toddler. Credit: Fisher Price/CTA

Long-established toy company Fisher-Price also came under fire from the group for its iPad Apptivity Seat, aimed at "Newborn-to-Toddler".

"Because screens can be mesmerising and babies are strapped down and “safely" restrained, it encourages parents to leave infants all alone with an iPad," the group said. "To make matters worse, Fisher-Price is marketing the Apptivity Seat - and claiming it’s educational - for newborns."

Fisher-Price, which is owned by toys giant Mattel, could not be reached for comment.

Apple to unveil new iPads

People lined up for the Apple event at the Yerba Buena centre in San Francisco Credit: REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

Apple has kicked off a product event at which the company is expected to introduce slimmer, faster iPads in time for the holidays.

The new tablets will face stiff competition, with Microsoft Corp, Nokia and Inc all plugging rival devices in coming months.

Apple, which jumpstarted the tablet computing market in 2010 with the first iPad, has already come under increasing pressure from cheaper devices from Amazon's Kindle Fire to Samsung Electronics Co Ltd's Note.

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