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Poll: Majority of Britons do not see benefit of EU membership

A ComRes poll for ITV indicates the majority of Britons do not see what benefits the UK gets from European Union membership.

The survey, taken before Mr Cameron's speech on Europe this morning, found 53% of the public do not see a plus side to EU membership.

Given the choice tomorrow on EU membership, 48% of people would vote to leave, while 32% would rather stay in, with the remainder undecided.

David Cameron speaking about Europe this morning.

Significantly, more than in 7 in 10 respondents (72%) said they thought EU membership was bad in terms of its effect on immigration into the UK - an area the Prime Minister focused on today.

However almost two thirds of people (62%) said they thought the EU was a positive in terms of being able to move freely around other member states.

ComRes interviewed 2,049 British adults online between 21st and 23rd November 2014.

Two thirds agree 'Britain is swamped' by immigrants

Two in three Britons agree with comments made by Michael Fallon that Britain is "swamped" by immigrants, a ComRes poll for ITV News has found.

However on a local level only 38% think their own area is "swamped."

The Defence Secretary was forced to apologise for the comments he made in October which said that some parts of the UK felt "under siege" from immigration.

The found survey found that:

  • 64% of those questioned think Michael Fallon was right to say that Britain is “swamped” with immigrants, although just 38% think that their own local area is swamped (50% think not).
  • 70% think the main reason immigrants come to Britain is because of the welfare system on offer, while half (52%) think that the only way Britain can significantly reduce immigration is by leaving the EU.
  • Just one in five (22%) think that there is nothing the Government can realistically do to reduce immigration. 63% disagree.

ComRes interviewed 2,019 British adults online between 31st October and 2nd November 2014.


ITV News poll reveals concern over NHS standards

Over a third of people have experienced unacceptable standards of care in the NHS during the past two years, according to the ITV News Index carried out by ComRes.

They blame a target culture among management and a lack of compassion among NHS staff.

  • 34% said that they, or someone they knew, had experienced poor standards of care in the past two years.
  • But 58% agreed that, overall, the NHS provides a high standard of care.

Source ITV News/ComRes

Half of voters 'do not trust' PM to see Britain through economic situation

Half (53%) of the British public do not trust the Prime Minister to see the country through the current economic situation, while 31% do trust him and 16% do not know, according to the ITV News Index Poll carried out by ComRes.

Two-thirds (67%) of the population do not trust the Deputy Prime Minister to see the country through the current economic climate, while 15% do trust him and 18% do not know, the poll found.


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