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Islamic State group release new John Cantlie video

The first video footage of John Cantlie in more than a year has emerged Credit: Facebook

A new propaganda video featuring British hostage John Cantlie has been released by so-called Islamic State (IS).

The video which emerged online purports to show the photojournalist, who was taken captive in Syria in November 2012, as he walks around a bomb-damaged building which he suggests is in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

It is the first footage of the Briton to be released in more than a year and shows him looking gaunt in what appears to be an oversized black jacket and trousers.

In the video Cantlie is seen presenting a documentary-style clip in English in which he casts doubt over the effectiveness of US operations against the jihadist operation, saying "what's really amazing, given the amount of money that America is spending on this war, is that it would go to the effort of destroying a small shack like this, in the middle of Mosul."

John Cantlie has been held captive for more than two years by IS militants and has appeared in numerous previous propaganda videos where he has delivered messages under duress from behind a desk and wearing an orange jumpsuit.


Islamic State group releases eighth John Cantlie video

Credit: Matthew VanDyke

An eighth propaganda video of British hostage John Cantlie giving a tour of the Iraqi city Mosul has been released by the Islamic State (IS).

The photojournalist presents the documentary-style clip in English, claiming that "life in Mosul is business as usual" and that media reports suggesting the city is "depressed" and "living in fear" are "misleading".

The country's second largest city was captured by IS militants during a blitz in June when they murdered more than 2,000 Shiite prisoners and soldiers, according to Human Rights Watch.

The eight-minute video which sees 43-year-old Mr Cantlie visit a market, a hospital and a police station purports to paint life in the bomb-hit city as stable.

A Foreign Office spokeswoman said: "We are aware of the release of another video and are studying its contents."

John Cantlie has been held captive for more than two years by IS militants. In previous propaganda videos he has delivered his message under duress from behind a desk and wearing an orange jumpsuit.

Islamic State militants release seventh John Cantlie video

Credit: ITV NEWS

The seventh video in a series 'starring' British hostage John Cantlie has been released by the self-styled Islamic State militants holding him

The photojournalist delivers an apparently-scripted message from behind a desk wearing an orange jumpsuit in the latest episode in a series titled Lend Me Your Ears.

The clip, which lasts for almost nine minutes, includes the 43-year-old photojournalist giving an account of what he claims was a failed rescue attempt by American forces in July.

Cantlie also says he has accepted "long ago" that his fate is "overwhelmingly likely" to be the same as other captives.

Introducing the latest instalment, he says: "In this programme I will tell you about a failed raid to rescue us and how it feels to be left for dead by your own government."

Mr Cantlie goes on to claim that the Americans staged an "incredibly complex, risky and expensive" attempt to rescue hostages in July.

He said: "The raid involved two dozen Delta Force commandos, several Black Hawk helicopters, gunships, Predator drones, F18 Hornet Jets and refuelling aircraft.

"It took weeks of rehearsals and must have cost tens of millions to perform - but we weren't there.

"The Islamic State, anticipating such a move, just put us into cars and moved us to another prison days beforehand."

Britain and America are accused in the video of taking military action rather than negotiating the release of hostages through options such as ransom payments.

"We were left to die. It's the worst feeling in the world being left behind like that," Mr Cantlie says.

Towards the end of the video, he says: "I will continue to speak out against this military action ... for as long as the mujahideen allow me to live."

IS release video with John Cantlie as a 'news reporter'

Islamic State has released another propaganda video featuring British hostage John Cantlie.

This time Mr Cantlie is not sat behind a desk wearing an orange jumpsuit, but seen in the streets of what he says is the Syrian town of Kobani, near the Turkish border.

British Islamic State hostage John Cantlie has featured in another propaganda video. Credit: Facebook

In the video Mr Cantlie says the "so-called" PKK safe zone is "controlled entirely by the Islamic State".

He goes on to quote media reports from the West that said the militant group is retreating from Kobani, which he denied.


UK IS hostage Cantlie appears in latest video message

British journalist John Cantlie has been held hostage since 2012 Credit: Facebook

British hostage John Cantlie has appeared in another propaganda video released by Islamic State.

Wearing the same orange jumpsuit as in previous footage, the journalist warns of a "third Gulf war" and says the media has learnt nothing from previous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr Cantlie, from Haslemere, Surrey, appears to be reading from a script and speaking under duress as he talks about the press fuelling support for a "full-blown war" for which IS is prepared.

The latest video appeared on YouTube but was later deleted.

UK accused of using IS executions to 'fan flames of war'

A British journalist held captive by Islamic State (IS) militants has appeared in another propaganda video - the third in a series called Lend Me Your Ear.

Dressed in an orange jumpsuit, he addresses the camera directly, beginning: "Hello again. I'm John Cantlie, the British citizen abandoned by my government and a prisoner of the Islamic State for nearly two years."

In the video, he accuses the British government of using the deaths of British citizens at the hands of IS to "fan the flames of this war".

The six-and-a-half-minute speech ends: "Join me again for the next programme."

John Cantlie appears in another IS propaganda video

Islamic State (IS) has released another propaganda video featuring the British hostage John Cantlie, according to the SITE monitoring website.

has been held hostage since 2012. Credit: Matthew VanDyke

Following the same conventions as three previous videos, he appears sitting at a table dressed in an orange jumpsuit.

He reportedly talks about how the US and allied countries have allegedly used the beheadings of Britons and Americans to drive public support for military action against IS.

British hostage John Cantlie 'publishes article' on videos

The Islamic State (IS) terror group has published an article allegedly written by British hostage John Cantlie apparently explaining his appearance in a series of documentary-style videos for the organisation.

The lengthy piece was included in the fourth issue of IS's Dabiq magazine and carries the headline: "The real story behind my videos."

In the article Mr Cantlie, a photojournalist who has worked for newspapers including The Sunday Times, insists that he produces the scripts for the IS propaganda videos and calls on the British government to negotiate his release.

Mr Cantlie, who was seized in northern Syria in 2012, has appeared in three IS videos wearing an orange jumpsuit and sat at a desk.

He appears to read from a prepared script while under duress.

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