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Stranded migrants offered shelter in 'Jungle' church

Children on the roadside near the Credit: Liz Clegg/PA Wire

Around 70 people facing a second night of sleeping rough around the "Jungle" in Calais are being allowed into the camp's church and school, a charity has said.

Volunteers from Help Refugees said they are taking food and blankets to the stranded group, around half of whom are thought to be children.

Earlier on Thursday Home Secretary Amber Rudd reminded French authorities of their duty to "properly protect" children, amid reports youngsters were forced to sleep rough around the smoldering remains of the camp on Wednesday night.

Children pushed back from Calais 'Jungle' camp

Unaccompanied minors are reported to be being pushed back from the "Jungle" camp in Calais.

The charity Help Refugees estimated that there were between 100 and 200 children left in the camp on Thursday morning waiting to be processed.

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In response to police attempts to move them away from the camp, the minors stopped and one played a drum.

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Calais 'Jungle' burns as charity warns of children's safety

  • ITV News correspondent Sally Lockwood reports

Fires burned throughout the day at the 'Jungle' in Calais as French officials said they had accomplished their mission to clear the camp of all migrants.

But a leading charity warned that there were many unaccompanied minors left at the camp.

Caroline Gregory from Calais Action told ITV News that these children had "no where safe to sleep tonight. It's not safe in here any longer."

End of 'Jungle' won't stop migrants on mission to get to UK

More than half of the 'Jungle' residents have been moved on to relocation centres in France, but as ITV News correspondent Martin Geissler reports, some migrants are reluctant to leave the Calais camp and others have set up alternative camps in their bid to enter the UK.


Demolition of 'Jungle' camp delayed

The demolition of the "Jungle" camp in Calais has been delayed until Wednesday, ITV News has learnt.

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Dismantling of the camp had been expected to begin on Tuesday after migrants and refugees began leaving on Monday.

Some 1,918 residents packed their bags and were taken by bus to 80 accommodation centres on Monday, the first day of the mass exodus, the French Interior Ministry said.

Another 85 buses were expected to take residents away from the camp on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Scuffles in 'Jungle' camp as clearance begins for second day

Migrants and refugees sit and crouch as police form a circle around them. Credit: RTV

Scuffles have broken out in the "Jungle" camp in Calais, less than an hour after French authorities began processing refugees and migrants for the second day.

The spat is thought to have started after unaccompanied children were separated from the main queue and taken to the front.

Someone shouted into a loudspeaker: "Sit down, the door is closed. Stop pushing", while cries of "Help, please help" were heard as people started to panic.

Migrants and refugees believed to be minors could be seen crouching down by metal barriers while police formed a protective circle around them.

The gate to the processing centre was temporarily closed while the chaos continued.

On Monday 1,918 residents left the camp ahead of its demolition.

On Tuesday and Wednesday 85 buses are expected to arrive at the camp to transport residents of the camp to accommodation centres across France.

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