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Kick It Out launch app for fans to report abuse

Anti-discrimination group Kick It Out have launched a new mobile app for fans and players to report racist or homophobic abuse.

The app allows people to report abuse directly and anonymously, as soon as it occurs.

The new app will work as a supplement to the current ways to report abuse: email and telephone. Credit: Kick It Out/ The FA

Kick It Out chairman Lord Herman Ouseley said the app will work as a tool to help clubs take responsibility for abuse that happens on their grounds:

"This new tool will help clubs and the authorities target instances of discriminatory behaviour more consistently while maintaining healthy and vocal rivalries at games.

"Clubs need to show they are being much more inclusive and reaching out to fans to show they are embracing everyone, and taking the responsibility for educating everyone - players, supporters and employees.

"If an incident does happen then clubs need to take responsibility and not blame someone else".