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  1. Emma Murphy

Few listen to Yanukovich in former makeshift hospital

In the hotel where many of the dead and injured were treated in Kiev what Yanukovich says hardly matters anymore. Credit: ITV News/ Emma Murphy

In the hotel where many of the dead and injured were treated in Kiev what Yanukovich says hardly matters any more.

There is nothing he can say here that can justify to these people what has gone on. Only a few staff stopped to listen.

They are not even showing his press conference on Maidan square.

Ukraine opposition 'ready to brave bullets' as talks fail

A pro-European protester throws a burning tyre during clashes with riot police Credit: REUTERS/Vasily Fedosenko

Ukrainian opposition leaders have emerged from crisis talks with President Viktor Yanukovich saying he had failed to give concrete answers to their demands, and told their supporters on the streets to prepare for a police offensive.

Baton-wielding riot police sought to disperse protesters in Kiev earlier today Credit: Reuters

Boxer-turned-politician Vitaly Klitschko told the thousands of protesters gathered on Kiev's Independence Square that during three hours of talks the president had given no clear response to their demands that the government be dismissed and sweeping anti-protest laws ditched.

A man injured during clashes with police is transported on a stretcher. Credit: REUTERS/Vasily Fedosenko

Fifty people were detained overnight and 29 of them were officially charged with taking part in mass unrest, police said. A total of 167 police have been injured, officials said. There was no estimate of the number of civilians injured.

An aerial view shows protesters burning tyres during clashes with police Credit: Reuters/Stringer

Kiev: Violent clashes in response to anti-protest laws

Pro-European protesters gather around burning vehicles during clashes with Ukrainian riot police in Kiev. Credit: Reuters

Protesters clashed with riot police in the Ukrainian capital on Sunday after tough anti-protest legislation, which the political opposition says paves the way for a police state, was rushed through parliament last week.

A pro-European protester throws a missile during clashes with Ukrainian riot police. Credit: Reuters

A group of young masked demonstrators attacked a cordon of police with sticks and tried to overturn a bus blocking their way to the parliament building after opposition politicians called on people to disregard the new legislation.

Pro-European integration protesters take cover behind shields and burnt out vehicles. Credit: Reuters

The interior ministry said 30 police were hurt, including more than 10 admitted to hospital and four in serious condition.

Despite appeals from opposition leaders not to resort to violence, and a personal intervention from boxer-turned-politician Vitaly Klitschko, protesters continued to throw smoke bombs and hurl fireworks and other objects at police.


Police call for calm after attack on England fans

British police have called on England fans travelling to Ukraine not to seek revenge for an attack that left three supporters requiring treatment in a Kiev hospital last night.

Thirty hooded Ukrainians - armed with knives - attacked fans in a shop in the Ukrainian capital on Sunday night.

Around 2,000 England fans are expected to attend the vital qualifier which could determine whether the national side qualify for next year's finals in Brazil.

Rachel Barber, head of the UK police delegation in Ukraine, said: "We are aware of what happened last night and we will be going round most of the major bars, including this particular one, to make sure there are no problems.

"We would urge supporters to enjoy themselves but to do so without upsetting anybody."

England football supporters injured in 'Kiev attack'

Police arrive at the scene in Ukraine where a group of England football supporters were allegedly attacked. Credit: RTV

A group of England football supporters have been injured in an alleged attack ahead of the World Cup qualifier in Ukraine.

Around 30 Ukrainians armed with knives reportedly set upon the fans in a bar.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: "We are aware of incidents in Kiev involving British nationals. We are providing consular assistance."