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Gerard Depardieu repeats claims he ate and killed two lions

Gerard Depardieu also professes to quaff a half-bottle of Pastis a day. Credit: Domine-Wyters/PA Wire

Gerard Depardieu has claimed he shot two lions in self-defence and then ate them whilst in Africa, according to reports.

The French actor said the incident took place in 2011 when the car he was travelling in broke down in Burkina Faso.

He made the initial extraordinary boast in September to a French film magazine and claimed he can drink 14 bottles of wine a day, but now appears to have confirmed them to the Independent Magazine in the UK.

Asked if he ate the creatures after they were killed, he said "Yes."

He said: "The two lions waited in front of us and wouldn't move. Hours passed, we couldn't get out of the car, the African driver was very afraid. "We had no choice, we had to shoot them."

Four lions put down at Copenhagen Zoo

The Danish zoo that caused international condemnation by putting down a healthy giraffe and dissecting it in public, has killed two lions and their two cubs to make way for a new male.

A spokesman told AFP: "Because of the lions pride, we had to euthanise those who were not old enough to fend for themselves."

(File Photo) A female lion licks a male in a zoo enclosure. Credit: REUTERS/Ilya Naymushin

The 10-month-old lions would have been killed by the new male lion "as soon as he got the chance", it said.

The Copenhagen Zoo went ahead with a plan to shoot and dismember a healthy giraffe in February and feed the 18-month-old animal's carcass to lions - an action the zoo said was in line with anti-inbreeding rules meant to ensure a healthy giraffe population.


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