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Hundreds streak around London Zoo to support tigers

Around 200 people have streaked through London Zoo to help raise money to protect tigers.

WARNING: Video footage contains some nudity.

Some of the runners wore tiger-style body paint while others had nothing more than their trainers on as they raced around the zoo.

The run supports the Zoological Society of London's global conservation projects and was the third Streak for Tigers event.

Lions get World Cup fever at London Zoo

As the football-supporting community prepares for the opening of the World Cup in Brazil, even the lions at London Zoo have got involved in the festivities.

An Asian lioness at London Zoo plays with football on the opening day of the World Cup. Credit: Justin Tallis/PA Wire
Lionesses at the zoo appear to be supporting England in the tournament. Credit: Justin Tallis/PA Wire
Another lioness steps back to take the penalty... or just prepares to lunge at the ball. Credit: Justin Tallis/PA Wire

First baby sloth is born at London Zoo

The surprise baby sloth. Credit: London Zoo

London Zoo has announced the arrival of its first ever baby sloth.

Usually it takes sloths up to 10 years to reproduce but 'sneaky' couple Marilyn and Leander surprised staff by mating in just six months.

A baby sloth, the latest arrival at London Zoo. Credit: London Zoo/PA

The new arrival has yet to be named as it is still not known what sex it is.


Anteater to be given own minder at London Zoo

Tammy the anteater is being given her own minder to stop her from being trampled by late-night visitors to ZSL London Zoo this summer.

The 12-year-old tree-climbing anteater is famed for her friendly disposition and fondness for ambling around the public walkways of her exhibit after hours.

Tammy the tree-climbing anteater who is to be given her own minder at London Zoo. Credit: ZSL London Zoo/PA Wire

But with naturally poor eyesight, she has a tendency for clumsiness, prompting the zoo to take special measures to steer her out of trouble during a series of late-night events.

Keeper Caroline Westlake said: "Tree-climbing anteaters are most active in the mornings and evenings, making Zoo Lates the perfect opportunity for visitors to see Tammy scaling the branches and investigating her home.

Zookeepers will be helping Tammy steer past any errant feet in the free-roaming exhibit. Credit: ZSL London Zoo/PA Wire

"To make sure she can go about her business exploring Rainforest Life, we're providing Tammy with her very own minder to gently guide her around our evening visitors. We're now keeping our fingers crossed that the A-list treatment won't result in any diva-like behaviour!"

Zoo Lates sees thousands of post-work revellers descend on ZSL London Zoo for an adults-only Friday night out.

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