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New Banksy sculpture takes swipe at McDonalds

Banksy has slammed "mega-corporation" McDonald's with a life-size sculpture of its famous Ronald McDonald mascot, shown having his giant shoes shined by a downtrodden boy.

Banksy's Ronald McDonald sculpture will visit a different McDonalds every lunchtime for a week. Credit: PA

Unveiled in the South Bronx on Day 16 of the British artist's month-long New York residency, the sculpture will be placed outside a different McDonalds every lunchtime for a week. It is accompanied by a young man who sits and shines the sculpture's shoes.

An audio guide on Banksy's website explains the inspiration for the work:

"Ronald was adopted as the official mascot of the McDonald's fast food corporation chain in 1966. Fibreglass versions of his likeness have been installed outside restaurants ever since, thus making Ronald arguably the most sculpted figure in history after Christ."

Burger King's Twitter account 'hacked'

It appears that Burger King's Twitter account has been hacked.

The account has been renamed "McDonalds":

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