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MMR jab for 200 at-risk pupils

The MMR jab drive comes after a new outbreak of measles in South Wales Credit: David Cheskin/PA Wire

More than 200 at-risk school children are to be given the MMR jab after a measles case was confirmed in a region recovering from a major epidemic.

Pupils at a south Wales school will be given the triple vaccine as concerned health chiefs act to avert a new outbreak of the potential killer illness.

A massive programme to inoculate thousands of children was launched in the greater Swansea area in the spring as it battled a major measles outbreak. Large numbers of previously unprotected children were given the triple measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) jab as a result.

The new case comes three months after the end of that epidemic - the biggest outbreak of measles ever to hit Wales. More than 1,200 people contracted measles, 88 serious enough to visit hospital, and one person died in the outbreak which began in November last year.

Measles cases across England fall to 113 in June

The number of confirmed measles cases in England fell to 113 in June, Public Health England announced.

The number of confirmed measles cases in England fell to 113 in June, Public Health England said. Credit: ITV News

This was down from 193 cases in May and "follows the nationwide rollout of the MMR catch-up programme", the organisation said.

Head of immunisation Dr Mary Ramsay said it was "still too early to be confident" that the drop in measles cases was a result of the campaign, "but we are making good progress towards the 95% target".

Measles epidemic 'begins to slow down'

A measles epidemic that swept across south Wales is beginning to slow down, health experts have said. However they warn that not enough young people are immunised against the disease.

Not enough young people are getting the jab, health experts have warned. Credit: PA

According to Public Health Wales (PHW), six new cases have been reported since Tuesday.

This brings the total number of those who have contracted measles in the past six months to 1,158. That compares with 19 cases for the whole of 2011.

PHW officials said almost 2,500 non-routine MMR jabs have been given out within the past week.

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