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Peru two need to provide more details, prosecutor says

The guilty pleas made by Michaella McCollum and Melissa Reid have not been accepted because the British women need to provide more information on who supplied the drugs they were found with at Lima airport, prosecutors said.

The two drug mules' guilty pleas have not been fully accepted, as far as the prosecutor is concerned, until they give more details.

They will be asked to give another statement before the judge explaining where the drugs came from, who supplied them and why they said they had been forced to carry them by an armed gang.

– Spokesman for the prosecutors' office in Callao

Guilty plea from Peru drug pair 'will not be accepted'

The guilty pleas made by Melissa Reid and Michaella McCollum, arrested with almost 12 kilos of cocaine in their luggage in Peru, will not be accepted, the prosecution said.

Yesterday the pair pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges in front of a judge. However anti-narcotics prosecutor Juan Rosas said that as the new plea only claimed partial guilty for their actions, it would not be accepted by the prosecution.

Juan Rosas said the plea bargain stipulates the women must take complete responsibility, not partial. Credit: APTN.

Mr Rosas said the women would have to release a new statement, admitting they made up the story about being kidnapped and threatened. He said:

"A new statement is required by the women and they will have to admit not only that they came here to traffic drugs but also that they did not tell the truth with respect to them being kidnapped.

"They have to make a full admission of responsibility for all of the charges brought by the prosecution."

Peru lawyer 'can't comment until sentencing hearing'

Peter Madden also represented families of the deceased at the Bloody Sunday Inquiry Credit: PA

The lawyer representing Michaella McCollum has said he is unable to disclose the details of the hearing that took place on Tuesday.

Peter Madden said McCollum accepted the charges and a sentencing hearing will take place next Tuesday 1 October.

Madden said: "I intend to travel to Lima next week to attend the sentencing hearing and after the sentence is handed down by the judge, it will be possible make further comment."


Peru drug smuggling pair await sentencing

For six weeks they protested their innocence but this evening, the two young women accused of smuggling cocaine from Peru pleaded guilty to drugs trafficking.

It means Melissa Reid and Michaela McCollum Connelly will get shorter sentences than if they had lost court cases and they may be able to serve some of the time back home.

Neil Connery reports:

Peru pair to be sentenced on October 1

Melissa Reid and Michaella McCollum, who pleaded guilty to attempting to smuggle £1.5 million worth of cocaine out of Peru, will be sentenced next week at a new hearing.

The pair gave behind-closed-doors pleas, in the port town of Callao. A spokesman for the court in Callao said:

They will automatically have a sixth off from the minimum jail sentence of eight years and will be sentenced to six years and eight months in prison.

Sentencing will take place on October 1 at a new hearing.

Peru pair 'pleading guilty to get home'

The mother of Melissa Reid, the 20-year-old British woman held in Peru along with Michaella McCollum, told ITV's This Morning that she was pleading guilty to get back to her family. Speaking ahead of today's reported guilty plea, she said:

She was definitely carrying the drugs in her luggage. That's for sure.

But we still believe she was coerced into it. Obviously now we realise she needs to plead guilty just to get her home.

The two had the option of pleading guilty in exchange for a lower sentence.

Peru sentencing will 'likely take place in a week's time'

A court spokesman confirmed the UK women's guilty pleas but said they had not yet been sentenced, Sky News reported.

Both women have pleaded guilty to drugs trafficking.

It means they automatically benefit from a sixth off the minimum jail sentence of eight years and will be sentenced to six years and eight months in prison.

Sentencing has not taken place yet and a new hearing where the women will be sentenced has now got to be arranged.

But it's likely that will take place in around a week's time.

– Callao court spokesman
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