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Failing NHS bosses face being put on a blacklist

Today's announcement from Jeremy Hunt means failing NHS bosses will be put on a blacklist which will stop them working in the health service:

  • The Health Secretary wants a "national barring list" for managers who let their patients and the NHS down
  • If trusts do not deliver adequate care to patients they could be put into a "failure regime" and may ultimately be put into administration
  • Mr Hunt also confirmed that hospitals would be subject to Ofsted-style ratings - where hospitals will be rated as outstanding, good, requiring improvement or poor


Student nurses to spend year as support workers

The Government wants student nurses to spend a year working as support workers and healthcare assistants before taking a degree. Jeremy Hunt told the Commons it would lead to a better understanding of the caring role of frontline staff.

The Health Secretary was responding to the Francis Report into the serious failings at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Credit: Press Association


Culture of 'cover up and denial' in history of NHS

If he does accept it, it's probably the biggest advance in patient safety and patients' rights in the history of the NHS.

For over 60 years the NHS has done no more than pay lip service to the fundamental principle that if something goes wrong and a patient is harmed the health service should be open and honest about it.

It's a cancer, if you like, that has been eating away at the NHS, it creates a culture of cover up and denial, which permits and tolerates bullying and intimidation of whistleblowers, as well as dishonesty with patients.

– Peter Walsh, Action Against Medical Accidents

'Too many things have been swept under the carpet'

The Health Secretary is expected to announce a ban on gagging orders, which prevent NHS whistleblowers expressing concerns about patient safety, in a response to the Francis Report on Mid Staffordshire Trust.

Chris Dalziel lost her husband George after a routine operation at Stafford Hospital in 2007.

She said: "We've got to have people that will actually stand up, and they're not going to suffer by losing jobs through whistle blowing. People need to come forward, they need to be honest about everything that's going on in the hospital".

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