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Detective: Further Bellfield crime revelations likely

Serial killer Levi Bellfield is likely to have committed a string of other crimes, the lead detective on the Milly Dowler case has said.

Colin Sutton speaking to Susanna Reid and Ben Shepherd. Credit: Good Morning Britain

Colin Sutton said police had "good evidence" that Bellfield had committed multiple other serious crimes.

"If he really wants to wipe the slate clean, there could be a huge number," he told Good Morning Britain.

He also said:

  • he was "shocked" by Bellfield's confession having believed "Bellfield would never admit to anything"
  • the serial killer's confession was aimed at "preparing the ground" in the event he was eventually able to apply for parole
  • Bellfield was a "very manipulative and calculated person" who "does everything for a reason"
  • the serial killer needed to show remorse for not only what he did to Milly but what he put her family through during the murder trial

Police review multiple crimes after Bellfield confession

Levi Bellfield also killed two other women and will die behind bars. Credit: PA

Police are reviewing "a number" of other crimes following serial killer Levi Bellfield's shock confession to the murder of Milly Dowler.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed it was looking at new information relating to criminal investigations, but refused to give further details.

"The MPS is liaising with a number of other UK police forces in relation to information which has been passed on to us regarding a number of criminal investigations," a Scotland Yard spokesman said.

Bellfield, who was given a whole-life prison sentence in June 2011 for killing 13-year-old Milly, made the admission for the first time during an investigation into whether he had an accomplice.

At the time of his conviction, detectives said they believed Bellfield may have been responsible for around 20 attacks on women which were never solved.


Detective 'amazed' by Bellfield confession

DCI Colin Sutton said Bellfield had always denied killing Milly. Credit: PA

The detective who led the investigation into Levi Bellfield has told ITV News he is "amazed" the serial killer has confessed to killing schoolgirl Milly Dowler.

DCI Colin Sutton said Bellfield had defended the allegations of Milly's abduction, rape and murder "tooth and nail" and put the Dowler family "through an extremely difficult time" as a result.

Milly Dowler's family: Bellfield admission 'devastating'

Millly Dowler's parents Bob and Sally, with daughter Gemma (centre) Credit: PA

The family of Milly Dowler say the revelation Levi Bellfield has finally admitted to the abduction, rape and murder of the schoolgirl has had a "devastating" effect on them.

"The Dowler family has been made aware of the recent arrest. They have been aware for some considerable time that a new police investigation was taking place into the circumstances of the abduction and murder of Milly. The effect of this information has been devastating for a family which has already had to endure so much."

– Statement on behalf of the Dowler family
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