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Cameron and Obama discuss Syria and Libya in phone call

The Prime Minister's official spokesman said that Mr Cameron's phone call with US President Barack Obama last around five minutes. He summarised the conversation as follows:

The Prime Minister congratulated President Obama on his election victory after a long and hard-fought campaign.

The president spoke of the outstanding partnership between the UK and the US and said he looked forward to working with the Prime Minister on a whole range of issues in the years ahead.

They agreed they would have a longer conversation soon on a number of strategic issues, including what more the international community can do to bring an end to the conflict in Syria and to support the development of peaceful democracy in Libya.

– Prime Minister's official spokesman


Kenyan twins named Obama and Romney

Twins in Kenya born on US election day have been named Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Owuor carries her newly born twin boys named after Obama (left) and Romney (right). Credit: REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya

Mother Millicent Awuor, 20, gave birth in a hospital near the President's father's rural village and named the older boy after the Democrat and the younger after the Republican challenger.

Obama is highly popular in the east African nation and had a beer named "president" in his honour after the 2008 election.

The name Barack means blessed while Obama was the given name of his great-grandfather.

Obama to visit Burma this month - report

Barack Obama will make a state visit to Burma this month, a Burmese government official reportedly told The Associated Press.

The official said the visit is scheduled for 18 or 19 November and the US President would meet opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi and government officials, AP reported.

The newly re-elected Obama would be the first US President to visit the country.


President Obama gets back to work in Washington

President Obama has arrived back in Washington DC with his family to begin his second term in office.

President Obama waves to reporters as he makes his way back to the White House. Credit: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

The US President will tackle a looming budget crisis and work with Republicans in Congress, the Party which retained control of the House of Representatives on Tuesday, but failed to take the Senate.

President Obama and his family on arrival in Washington. Credit: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters
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