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  1. Rob Smith, ITV Granada correspondent

Slow uptake of 4G phones in Manchester

A test carried out on a demo 4G phone (right) showed the difference in speed Credit: ITV Granada

The first 4G mobile network went live in Manchester and Liverpool on Tuesday. It's nippy compared to its 3G counterpart, but not blistering.

They had more staff than customers at the store I was at in Manchester. Most people coming in were opting for 3G.

The first customer to switch from 3G to 4G in Manchester was this reporter:

The store's first 4G customer Credit: ITV Granada

To be fair, the phones perform faster - the speedtest above shows the difference.

But where is the potential 100Mbs we were once promised from 4G?

Your views: Little enthusiasm for 4G launch

As EE launches the first 4G network we asked if you would taking advantage of the increased mobile internet today:

Fraser Cluness some areas still don't have 3g yet! finish on the job before starting another

Chesty Larue Not with their ridiculous costs, no

Paul Pilfold ill be sticking with me trusty old iphone3G its fast enough for what i use it for


4G 'five times faster than 3G'

4G mobile service will be available on smart phones Credit: Press Association

The 4G network, will offer internet five times faster than 3G, and will be available to EE customers with Apple iPhones or smart phone devices from HTC, Samsung, Nokia and Huawei.

Today's launch comes amid criticism of EE's 4G pricing plans, which will hit customers on with additional charges if they exceed download allowances. Long queues are expected at shops across the country as consumers rush to sign up to the new service and get their hands on a 4G device.


Ofcom: action taken to avoid risk of 'significant' 4G delay

Ofcom chief executive Ed Richards has said action was taken with industry mobile phone operators and regulators, as well as the Government, to ensure superfast 4G services launch early next year.

The actions we have taken with industry and government avoids the risk of significant delay and is tremendous news for consumers who might otherwise have waited a considerable period for the next generation of mobile broadband services.

Ofcom's objective has always been to release the spectrum as early as possible and we remain focused on starting the auction by the end of the year.

Culture Secretary welcomes superfast 4G services

Culture Secretary Maria Miller has welcomed news that superfast 4G services are set to be launched within weeks following a successful meeting between mobile phone operators and regulators today.

Delivering 4G quickly is a key part of our economic growth strategy. I am grateful to the mobile operators for their co-operation in bringing forward vital 4G services.

The open and collaborative approach taken between the Government and the mobile companies will have hugely beneficial results for UK business and investment.

We anticipate that 4G services will boost the UK's economy by around £2-3 billion.

This is an example of the Government listening and responding to huge demand from both the public and business. High-speed mobile connections will mean that online services can be accessed more easily and quickly.

4G mobile broadband services get the go-ahead

Superfast 4G services are set to be launched within weeks after crunch talks were held between mobile phone operators and regulators.

Orange and T-Mobile owner EE received the nod to launch its 4G products and services by October 30 as Ofcom agreed to make remaining airspace available to other operators sooner than planned.

Clearing the airwaves ready for use earlier will allow other operators to offer their services by spring next year, rather than October 2013.

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