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4G is 'five times faster' than 3G network

Olaf Swantee, CEO of EE, has been speaking at the launch of the UK's first 4G network. During his talk, he said:

  • There has been a 250% growth in data used by mobile customers
  • 4G is five times faster than 3G, letting you watch films on the move
  • London, Birmingham, Cardiff and Bristol are the test cities for 4G. By the end of the year, 16 cities will have access to 4G around 20 million people
  • By 2014 98% of population will have access to 4G
  • Mobiles with 4G include Samsung, Nokia, HTC and Huawei



Why is 4G different?

Everything Everywhere says that 4G will:

  • Enable people to download apps more quickly and get what they want instantly on the move, with speeds 5-7 times faster than what you see today on 3G by 2014.
  • Carry much more data so that the mobile networks can better serve the increased number of people using the internet on their mobiles or using mobile broadband dongles.
  • With 4G speeds available by the end of the decade, people may be able download an album in 60 seconds, or a movie in 10 minutes – this can take an hour or more over 3G today.

4G will 'drive investment, employment and innovation'

Everything Everywhere spokesperson said;

Ofcom’s decision to make 4G available this year is great news for the UK. Consumers will soon be able to benefit from the much greater mobile speeds that 4G will deliver. 4G will drive investment, employment and innovation and we look forward to making it available later this year, delivering superfast mobile broadband to the UK.

How is 4G available a year earlier?

The new 4G service is possible for Orange and T-Mobile because they have some spare capacity on their networks which is not being used for voice calls and they requested a license from Ofcom to use these frequencies for 4G.

4G was due to be rolled out next year after the digital switch-over, which would allow all the mobile companies to bid to use the frequencies currently used by analogue TV channels.

However Everything Everywhere has decided to use its spare frequencies ahead of time to be the first UK supplier of 4G.

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