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Toulouse gunman: Video tapes to be used in case against police

The lawyer acting for the father of Toulouse gunman Mohamed Merah says she has two videos taken during the police operation at his apartment that ended with his death.

His father has hired Zahia Mokhtari to sue French special police over his son's death.

She told Reuters television:

"(In these videos) one was able to see that he was surprised by this operation against him because in the video he was addressing the French security forces saying: 'why are you killing me? I am innocent, you have betrayed me.'"

– Zahia Mokhtari, lawyer

French police looking for third man

With Mohamed Merah now buried in Toulouse, French authorities are now turning their attention to the investigation.

Merah's brother has been handed preliminary charges of alleged complicity in preparing the killings, though his lawyer insists he is innocent.

Abdelkader Merah told investigators that a third man helped the brothers steal a motorbike used later in the killings, two police officials said today.

Merah did not give the name of the other man.


Mohamed Merah buried in Toulouse

The body of 23-year-old Mohammed Merah was buried in Toulouse today.

The mayor of Toulouse initially objected to the killer being buried in the area, but bowed to pressure from central government.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said:

"Let him be buried, and let's not create debate about this"

His brother has been charged with alleged complicity in preparing the killing, though his lawyer insists Abdelkader Merah had no idea what his brother was plotting.

Gunman buried in Toulouse cemetery after row

The burial came after days of painful debate over what to do with the body of 23-year-old Mohamed Merah Credit: EBU

The body of 23-year-old Mohamed Merah was buried in a cemetery in Toulouse today, after days of debate about what to do with his body.

Merah's father wanted him to be buried in Algeria, but the authorities refused for "reasons of public order."

About twenty men attended the ceremony, cameras were not permitted. Credit: EBU

The mayor of Toulouse relented to pressure from the central government in Paris to allow the burial to go ahead in the district.

The shootings were the worst terrorist attacks in France since the 1990s and have revived concerns about homegrown Islamist radicals carrying out violence.

Toulouse gunman buried

Mohamed Merah was responsible for France's worst terror attack in years Credit: REUTERS

23-year-old Mohamed Merah has been buried in the Muslim section of a cemetery in Toulouse.

His Algerian-born father wanted to bury him in Algeria, but the authorities refused the request.

Merah filmed himself killing three schoolchildren, a rabbi and three paratroopers earlier this month.

He was shot in the head last week after a stand-off with police in Toulouse.


Toulouse shooting victim's brother: 'We must not confuse Islam and fanaticism'

Hatim Ibn Ziaten, the brother of one of the soldiers shot in Toulouse, who was buried today Credit: ITV News

Hatim Ibn Ziaten today attended the funeral of his brother, a French soldier shot dead by Mohamed Merah in Toulouse last week.

Speaking at the funeral he said: "It's incomprehensible, it's unimaginable. Terrorism doesn't understand this. And above all we must not confuse Islam and fanaticism. They have nothing to do with one another."

Toulouse shooting victim buried in hometown in Morocco

A French soldier who was killed in the recent shooting spree in Toulouse was buried today in his home town in Morocco with thousands attending the ceremony.

The burial in M'diq for Imad Ibn Ziaten, who had been stationed as a paratrooper in Toulouse, was also attended by France's minister for military veteran affairs and several French military officers.

Ziaten was shot by Mohamed Merah, who also killed six other people in a series of attacks, claiming to be an Al-Qaeda member killing to avenge Palestinian children and punish France for sending troops to Afghanistan.

France files charges against Toulouse gunman's brother

French prosecutors have filed preliminary murder and terrorism charges against the brother of a gunman who killed Jewish schoolchildren and paratroopers in attacks that stunned the country.

According to the Associated Press news agency Abdelkader Merah is suspected of complicity to murders and thefts and involvement in a terrorist enterprise.

Preliminary charges under French law mean there is strong reason to suspect a crime was committed but allow magistrates more time to investigate.