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Botswana doubts over Zimbabwe vote reveal divisions

Botswana's government has disputed the result of Zimbabwe's general election which saw the long-standing president Robert Mugabe claim a landslide victory.

Its assessment stands in stark contrast with that of South Africa, which has congratulated Mr Mugabe on his victory.

Both nations belong to the Southern African Development Community which monitored the vote, and now appears to be divided.

The Botswana government said that although the election day itself had been "free of overt intimidation and violence", the electoral process "cannot be considered as an acceptable standard for free and fair elections".

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Zimbabwe markets plunge 11% after Mugabe victory

Zimbabwe's main stock market index fell 11 percent on Monday in its first trading day since official results confirmed President Robert Mugabe would extend his 33 years in power.

The industrial index fell to 205.57 points in the mid-morning session, with all the top-ten shares save for the local unit of insurance giant Old Mutual trading in the red.

South African president congratulates Robert Mugabe

The president of South Africa has congratulated Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe on his re-election.

Jacob Zuma's approval is in sharp contrast to Western governments which questioned the credibility of a rushed, disputed vote.

South Africa's President Jacob Zuma (L) and Zimbawe's President Robert Mugabe in 2010. Credit: Reuters/Philimon Bulawayo

African monitors broadly approved the conduct of the Zimbabwe election, but Mugabe's main rival, Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai, has said he will challenge the results in court with evidence of massive vote-rigging, irregularities and intimidation.


Zimbabwe newspaper report: 'Mugabe romps to victory'

One of Zimbabwe's leading Sunday newspapers has reported that President Mugabe "romped" to victory in the country's election.

The Sunday Mail is part of a group of newspapers owned by the government and has been criticised by the opposition for its support of Zanu-PF.

The Sunday Mail is part of a group of newspapers owned by the government and has been critised by the opposition for its support of Zanu-PF. Credit: Sunday Mail

Hague 'concerns over conduct' of Zimbabwe election

Foreign Secretary William Hague commended the people of Zimbabwe for holding peaceful presidential polls, but voiced "grave concerns" about the conduct of the election, which delivered Robert Mugabe a further term in power.

People around the world are watching events in Zimbabwe, following the announcement by the Zimbabwean Electoral Commission that President Mugabe has won the presidential elections, as well as the indications of possible legal challenges.

I commend the people of Zimbabwe on holding peaceful elections. However we have grave concerns over the conduct of the election.

The preliminary statements of the African Union (AU) and Southern African Development Community (SADC) observation missions, and those of the domestic observer groups, have outlined many of these significant concerns, and I hope that their final assessments of the elections will take into account the full impact of these irregularities on the outcome.

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