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Tropical mosquitos moving north through Europe

The research into the spread of the Asian tiger mosquito shows that parts of the UK could become hot-spots between 2030 and 2050.

The mosquito has been introduced into Europe from Asia via goods shipments, mainly used tyres and bamboo.

Climate change is now shifting conditions suitable for the insect from southern Europe to central north-western areas.

The mosquito could survive in water butts and vases, and may find winter protection in greenhouses, said the researchers.

Scientists urge 'wide surveillance' for invading mosquito

Scientists used climate models to predict how changing conditions could affect Asian tiger mosquito distribution.

Theresearch shows that parts of the UK could become hot-spots of Asian tiger mosquito activity between 2030 and 2050.

"Mosquito climate suitability has significantly increased over the southern UK, northern France, the Benelux, parts of Germany, Italy, Sicily and the Balkan countries."

– Report by Liverpool Uni's Dr Cyril Caminade in Journal of the Royal Society Interface