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AA petrol price warning to holiday motorists

Wholesale petrol costs across Europe have soared Credit: PA

Petrol pump prices could soar by 5p a litre, burning a hole in the pockets of holiday motorists, the AA has warned.

A surge in the wholesale cost of petrol across Europe has already led to a rise in UK petrol and diesel prices, with more misery possibly to come, the AA said.

On average, UK petrol prices have risen from 134.61p a litre in mid-June to 135.78p now, while diesel has gone up from 139.16p a month ago to 140.24p now.

The AA said: "A $100-a-tonne increase in the cost of petrol across north west Europe, combined with a weaker pound, heralds a potential 5p increase in pump petrol costs."

It added that should petrol go up 5p a litre then a family from Hounslow in west London, for example, heading off on holiday in a typical family car to Cornwall will pay £2.90 more for the return trip than it would have done in June.

Young drivers 'statistically' the more dangerous driver

A survey has found that young motorists could be forced off the roads by rising car costs.

James Dalton from the Association of British Insurers said young drivers face high insurance costs, because statistically they are the more dangerous driver.

Speaking to Daybreak he said: "Young people kill and injure themselves much more frequently than older people and that's the simple reality of pricing an insurance risk."

Younger generation most at risk of financial 'squeeze'

Faced with limited personal finances, a crippling rate of youth unemployment and consistent price hikes to the cost of motoring, the younger generation are most at risk as Britain continues to feel the financial squeeze.

However, with all the technological advancements and trials currently under way, there is hope for the future of young drivers as our passion for the open road is reignited by a new era of motoring.

– Auto Trader group director Nathan Coe


Motorists: Government not doing enough for road users

Research published today has shown that young drivers could be forced off the roads due to rising driving costs.

The report also found:

  • Just over 70 per cent of those polled thought it would be extremely difficult for young people to buy a car in the future
  • More than half of 17-24 year olds believed there would be a decrease in the number of young people learning to drive over the next decade
  • Nearly three quarters of females polled who had been driving for more than five years believed they could not afford to be a first-time driver today
  • Around half of all those surveyed thought they would be forced to reduce the amount they drove
  • The poll also showed that over the next 10 years car-sharing was likely to increase, while nearly everyone felt the Government was not doing enough to support future road users

Source: Auto Trader

Young drivers could be forced off roads by car costs

Young motorists could be forced off the roads by rising car costs, a survey has found.

In an Auto Trader poll, drivers said they feared the cost of motoring could double to as much as £4,580 a year over the next 10 years.

Forced off the roads by rising driving costs? Credit: PA/PA Wire

More than two thirds of people said it would be extremely difficult for young people to buy a car in the future, with over half the people surveyed, suggesting there would be a decrease in the number of people learning to drive.

New toll roads 'planned' throughout Britain

Vehicles approach Britain's first motorway toll on the M6 in Staffordshire. Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Motorists face a wave of new pay-as-you-drive charges under plans being drawn up by the Government and councils, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Blueprints are already in place for three new tolling schemes under which, as with London's congestion charge, drivers pay via the internet or their mobile phone.

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