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Footage shows massive roof collapse after US snowfall

Video footage of a massive collapsed roof in New York's Erie County shows the extent to which the recent snowfall has affected parts of the US.

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The footage, posted on the county sheriff's Facebook page, was shot on Friday and shows a large manufacturing area, which remained unnamed for safety reasons.

The state is now preparing for likely flooding in areas hit by several feet of snow in the last week.

US flood threat after snowstorm

Forecasters have issued a flood alert in the US following a snowstorm on the east coast.

Seven feet of snow fell in three days in the Buffalo area of western New York state killing at least 12 this week.

Tow truck operators remove stranded cars after a winter storm dropped over fifty plus inches in Western New York Credit: Alex Horvath/Zuma Press/Press Association Images

The National Weather Service issued a flood watch for Sunday to Wednesday and the state's governor said pumps, boats, and helicopters would be sent in to help with the forecast flooding.


At least 12 dead in New York State snowstorms

Up to 7ft of snow has fallen in the Buffalo area. Credit: Reuters

At least 12 people have died during snowstorms which have hit New York State.

Most of the deaths were from heart attacks or exposure to the extreme conditions after a year's worth of snow fell in just three days.

Two elderly residents of a nursing home died after a roof collapsed as they were being evacuated.

Many residents were snowed in after three days of heavy snow. Credit: Reuters

More than 30 major roof collapses, mostly involving farm and flat-roof buildings, were reported overnight, officials said.

Some farm animals were reportedly injured in damaged barns.

Residents are now preparing for potential flooding as the snow thaws and there are fears the sheer weight of it could cause more roofs to cave in.

A year's worth of snow in three days in New York State

People in New York State have been trying to dig themselves out from under a year's worth of snow that has fallen in just three days.

A state of emergency has been declared in ten counties. ITV News' Washington Correspondent Robert Moore reports.

In Pictures: Snow causes chaos in New York State

Fresh snow has fallen in New York state, where longtime residents described the blast of winter weather as the worst in memory.

Some areas of New York state along the Great Lakes had nearly five feet of snow. Credit: ITV
Some of the dead were found in their cars after they were buried under the snow. Credit: ITV
Officials said roof collapses posed a threat, especially at mobile home parks. Credit: Reuters


US begins snowstorms clear up but more is forecast

Freak winter storms have buried parts of New York state under at least five feet of snow and killed eight people.

ITV News' Washington Correspondent Robert Moore reports on the blizzards as the region braces itself for another bout of snow.

Snowstorms leave neighbourhoods cut off

More snow has fallen in New York State overnight and further flurries have been forecast.

NBC's Dylan Dreyer reports from Buffalo, which has been severely hit by the snowstorms.

More snow falls overnight in New York State

Eight people have died in snowstorms in New York State where a year's worth of snow has fallen in three days.

Between five and six feet of snow has fallen since Tuesday, leaving motorists stranded and people trapped in their homes.

ITV News' Martin Stew has the latest as America wakes up to fresh snow that has fallen overnight and forecasts of more on the way.

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