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Readers don't want a 'state-sponsored Ministry of Truth'

The editors of newspapers in the News International stable have released a series of videos explaining their vision of a press regulator independent of the government.

The editor of the Sun is quoted on the News International website saying:

Sun readers expect journalists to behave responsibly, but don’t want them censored by a state-sponsored Ministry of Truth. This constructive proposal would create a tough but independent regulator supported by the vast majority of the industry – a workable solution which should command public confidence.

– Dominic Mohan, Editor of The Sun


Rare picture of Murdoch at Sun management meeting

Left to right: Rupert Murdoch, Sun editor Dominic Mohan, Sun showbiz editor Gordon Smart. Credit: Twitter / @nravitz

Rupert Murdoch's chief of staff has tweeted a photo which shows a rare glimpse of the head of News Corp at a meeting with The Sun's senior management.

Murdoch is pictured here alongside Sun editor Dominic Mohan "making footy plans" following the company's purchase of video clip rights to Premier League matches for The Times and The Sun's online operations.

Not all national newspapers will survive, News Int chief says

Tom Mockbridge said he is quitting News International because he is unhappy with changes to his role. Credit: Ian Nicholson/PA Archive

The outgoing chief executive of News International has predicted some national newspapers will not survive in printed form as the industry confronts a decline in readership.

Tom Mockbridge told The Times he expected "some consolidation" of titles with sales dropping.

But he added that he remained an "unambiguous believer" that many printed newspapers would remain despite the shift of readers to websites.


Murdoch 'sorry' to see Tom Mockridge leave News Int

For nearly 22 years, it has been my pleasure to have Tom Mockridge as a colleague.

Whether it was his early days with our newspaper group in Australia, his incredible work building Sky Italia, or his steadfast leadership of News

International, Tom has always been a skilled executive and a trusted friend.

His decision to step down is absolutely and entirely his own. I am sorry to see him leave us but I know he will be a great success wherever he goes."

– Rupert Murdoch, chairman and chief executive of News Corporation
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