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New blood test can 'detect' Sepsis within hours

A new test for a life-threatening blood condition has the potential to save many thousands of lives, British scientists have said.

The breakthrough will help save some of the 37,000 people who die from Sepsis every year. Credit: PA

A rapid test for Sepsis, a blood condition caused by an overwhelming immune reaction to infection, means the NHS can treat the disease with antibiotics much quicker than before.

Each year sepsis costs the NHS more than £2 billion and kills around 37,000 patients - more than breast and bowel cancer combined.

Lead researcher Professor Graham Lord, explained: "We have for the first time identified a group of biomarkers in the blood that are good indicators of sepsis.

"We have shown that it is possible to detect these markers by screening a patient's blood in the ward, a process which can deliver results within two hours."