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Clegg slams Boris' Trump-like 'bluster and bravado'

Boris Johnson is behaving like Donald Trump with his use of "bluster and bravado" to ignore the truth about Brexit, Nick Clegg has warned.

The former deputy prime minister said Brexit leaders are trying to "distort their way to victory", and warned Britain faces "mass economic hardship" if it votes to leave the European Union.

Mr Clegg accused Mr Johnson, Michael Gove and Nigel Farage of being "careless elitists" putting their goals ahead of people's livelihoods.

"This debate is just too important for it to be decided by Boris acting like Donald Trump with a thesaurus," he said.

"Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Nigel Farage and the rest might be happy to treat this campaign as if they're in an Oxford debating society, using every trick in the book to try and distract and distort their way to history.

"Boris Johnson and Michael Gove are probably the only people who think their job prospects might actually improve if we leave the EU."


Clegg: Britain robbed of one of the most gifted politicians

The death of Charles Kennedy has robbed Britain of "one of the most gifted politicians of his generation", Nick Clegg has said.

Nick Clegg with Charles Kennedy in 2010. Credit: PA Wire

Paying tribute to his predecessor as Liberal Democrat leader, Mr Clegg said: "Charles's untimely death robs Britain of one of the most gifted politicians of his generation.

"Charles devoted his life to public service, yet he had an unusual gift for speaking about politics with humour and humility which touched people well beyond the world of politics.

"He was one of the most gentle and unflappable politicians I have ever known, yet he was immensely courageous too not least when he spoke for the country against the invasion of Iraq."

Rifkind 'not surprised to be banned from Russia'

Sir Malcolm Rifkind told ITV News he is "not particularly surprised" that he is among 89 European Union politicians and other senior figures who have been banned from entering Russia.

The former Foreign Secretary said President Putin has "that sort of little tantrum every so often."

I'm not particularly surprised, Mr Putin tends to go in for that sort of little tantrum every so often and they clearly are feeling that the sanctions are having an effect, they are realising that their economy will continue to be damaged unless they approach the Ukraine issue in a diplomatic way, rather than misuse of their military forces.

– Sir Malcolm Rifkind


Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg chat as they are sworn in

Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg were seen deep in conversation as the two former leaders were sworn in as MPs today.

Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg appear in deep conversation in the Commons. Credit: ITV News

Mr Miliband - fresh from a holiday after his election loss and subsequent resignation - appeared to skip the queue to join Mr Clegg, who also quit in the wake of the Liberal Democrats' disastrous defeat.

Mr Clegg was also seen speaking to Alex Salmond, the former First Minister of Scotland and the new MP for Gordon.

Before any of the 650 MPs can take part in a debate or vote in the House of Commons, they must swear an oath of allegiance to the Crown.

Clegg tweets soar to 79% of the real time conversation

Tweets about Nick Clegg have soared to 79% of the real time conversation on the social networking site - the highest of any leader over the course of the election campaign.

Nick Clegg tops the real time conversation about party leaders on Twitter. Credit: Twitter

Earlier the Lib Dem leader was on 59% after many senior party figures lost their seats.

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