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Prison staff and police working to find ringleaders

Staff at HMP Ranby are working with Nottinghamshire Police to identify the ringleaders who led an eight-hour disturbance at the prison.

The disturbance began at around midday and was not resolved until 8.10pm.

A number of inmates were driven away from the prison near Retford in several vehicles and were heard shouting and banging inside.


Ministry of Justice: HMP Ranby disturbance has ended

A disturbance involving prisoners at HMP Ranby has ended according to the Ministry of Justice.

A disturbance at HMP Ranby has ended, the Ministry of Justice said. Credit: Dave Higgens/PA Wire

The department said in a statement: "The disturbance at HMP Ranby has ended safely. No staff or prisoners injured. Visits tomorrow will take place as normal."

Shouting and banging heard as vans leave HMP Ranby

Shouting and banging could be heard as a security vans left HMP Ranby where a disturbance involving prisoners is ongoing.

A police van outside HMP Ranby where a disturbance is taking place. Credit: Dave Higgens/PA Wire

A number of vehicles from the GEOAmey prisoner escort and custody company were seen entering the facility.

When they left a short time later banging could be heard on the sides of the vehicles and shouting from inside was heard.

Firefighters enter HMP Ranby as disturbance continues

Firefighters joined their colleagues from the police at HMP Ranby where a disturbance involving prisoners is ongoing.

Fire fighters put on equipment before entering HMP Ranby. Credit: Dave Higgens/PA Wire

Shortly after 7.30pm around 15 firefighters arrived outside the prison and began putting on their full kit before walking in through the main gate.

Officers carrying shields and other equipment were also seen going into the prison earlier.

MP's warnings about HMP Ranby 'ignored'

The Labour MP whose Bassetlaw constituency includes HMP Ranby said his repeated warnings about "dysfunctional" management and serious staff shortages at the prison had been ignored by ministers and prison officials.

John Mann said: "It is a prison where, for quite a time, it's been clear prisoners have been running the prison."

He added that there were 80 fewer prison officers than previously - a 20% reduction - with many experienced individuals having been "forced out" over the past two years.

He said: "There are not the numbers or the expertise among the staff to deal with it. The governors were warned, the Government was warned, by me and by many others, that this would lead to disaster. He added: "I have raised this directly with the prisons minister more than once."

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